Viral video lays bare the haunting trauma of abortion, and the destruction reaped by one choice

There’s a lot to unpack in a two-and-a-half-minute video clip that’s currently going viral, which depicts a day of ministry at the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison.

We’ve got a white kid lobbing tomatoes towards a black man all because he’s exercising his right to free speech, and the kid doesn’t like what the man has to say.

There’s Rickey Caster Jr., the black man, a pastor who is telling the crowd that God loves them, and presumably, that abortion is wrong.

Then, there’s the woman who identifies herself as a professor, who goes out of her way to engage the pastor in a conversation, which ultimately leads to her arrest. You can watch the video below:

Of course we can start out by drawing the most obvious first conclusion. Surely, the young boy in the Yale sweatshirt is a virtuous anti-racist—he’s not like all those nasty and bigoted conservatives, he cares about the plight of black Americans and the oppression they’ve faced at the hands of regressive and racist white people. I mean, why else would he be throwing food at the Uncle Tom who is failing to remember his station as the footstool of the Democrat party and the saviors of the left?

But, most importantly, I want to focus on the woman in the video, whose words and behavior can lead us to the most important conclusion of all: abortion kills more than just the child(ren) in the womb.

This woman makes a point to walk up the steps and initiate a discussion with Caster’s crew, then Caster himself. When she comes into view, right away you notice her big smile, gentle laughter, and facial expressions signaling pity and patience. Then she relays that she had personally had an abortion two years prior, stating:

I don’t regret it at all. They yanked the fetus out of my uterus, they yanked the fetus out of my uterus, and I’m so happy, I’m so grateful. And I’m a professor at this university, and I make more money than you, and what else….

I assume given her verb choice, she procured a Dilation and Evacuation abortion, a surgical method which pulls the baby in pieces from the mother. As she shares her experience of a very private decision, she makes grotesque gestures with her hips, and Caster simply listens, uttering an “okay” from time to time, to indicate he’s hearing. When she trails off, Caster asks her for her name, which she refuses to give, saying “that’s none of your business.”

There’s our second indicator that her outward presentation doesn’t match what’s going on inside. She’ll announce to strangers that she dismembered her own child but she won’t tell them her name? Such an asinine contradiction shows this woman is acting completely off of her emotions, ones clearly in turmoil given the embarrassing inconsistencies—the initial transparency, and passive-aggressive comments like “I make more money than you” is a façade to distract from a reality that she evidently can’t face.

Caster then introduces himself, is completely lovely and tender, saying almost nothing before providing her an out to the conversation, stating he will pray for her, to which she replies “thank you.” But, she doesn’t take the out, because emotionally she’s invested in convincing this total stranger that she’s happy with her decision, and this man, is clearly unconvinced.

She says something we can’t decipher, to which Caster responds in long-suffering love, and says “either way, you’re a soul” and this puts her over the edge. Now, she lashes out in profanity, calling Caster an “asshole” saying he “ruined everybody’s lunch” before she tries to wrestle his microphone away.

Caster is completely aware of what the reality of the situation is (a grieving mother who participated in the death of her own child), and he remains calm and forgiving for the duration of the exchange—eventually she’s removed by law enforcement and taken into custody.

The lie sold by the abortion industry, leftist feminists, and Democrats is an especially wicked one, because you can’t undo the murder. If and when you realize what you did, you can’t go back and say you’re sorry for what you’ve done, receive forgiveness, and heal with the one you hurt, because that person is gone. And, not only did you make a choice to end the life of another person, but that other person was your own flesh and blood, a precious and innocent child, making the pain all the greater.

This unnamed woman reminds us that abortion doesn’t just “terminate a pregnancy” or “remove uterine lining” but ends the life of the child(ren) in utero, and the mother.

God bless Ricky Caster Jr. for his calm and gentle spirit, taking abuse to rejoice in the truth.

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