'Stand for America' means to force states into conducting clean, honest, fair, elections

Two years ago, a group of New Yorkers—busy, like you—felt that something had gone terribly wrong in our state. We knew it in our bones. We watched as our officials became less responsive, our taxes climbed, our businesses were shuttered, our elders died alone, our children and families suffered increasingly vicious moral and physical attacks on their sovereignty, and the transformation of our bountiful farmland into soy fields and solar “farms” accelerated. We watched violent criminals returned to our streets to destabilize and destroy, to traffic and trade unhindered by our laws. We watched our families and neighbors turned against one another in suspicion and rage. Finally, we watched as massive, blatant election misconduct went unanswered in 2020 and 2022.

Against this stark landscape, we set forth to determine if our elections were fair and honest. What we found is stunning: New York elections appear to massively violate state and federal law. The problems are dismissed by officials who steadfastly resist the efforts of honest, well-intentioned citizens to get answers regarding their legitimate findings. Certification of the 2020 and 2022 elections in New York was provable misconduct: a civil rights violation, acting under color of law, of the entire U.S. citizenry.





As the CEO of United Sovereign Americans I have been studying the legal and historical principles regarding the prosecution of election misconduct for two years, along with my co-founder Harry Haury. We launched this 501c4 all-volunteer organization to fulfill the opportunity to hold election officials nationwide accountable for false certification of federal elections. Our growing team of experienced attorneys agrees with the strategy and has begun writing our template litigation. Our growing volunteer data team is preparing claims for 16 states. We have state chapters launched in 18 states carrying 329 electoral college votes. Will you help?

We will be holding a training conference in Dallas, Texas the weekend of Nov. 3-5, 2023.

At this Stand for America event you will learn everything you need to support or launch an effort in your state using education, advocacy, and litigation to force an accurate, legal, valid election in 2024. We are also offering an introductory luncheon this coming Wednesday Oct. 25 in Palm Beach, Florida. We welcome you to our movement to force our election officials to obey the law. This may be our last chance to save America.

Marly Hornik is a goat herder from New York who has volunteered tirelessly for over two years to gather the evidence proving election misconduct. First as the founder and Executive Director of NY Citizens Audit, and now as the CEO of United Sovereign Americans, Marly is dedicated to protecting the sacred creation we are all blessed to inhabit for our coming generations.

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