So-called transgenderism will, quite literally, break your heart

One of the things the transgender lobby insists upon is that encouraging gender-confused people to have surgeries and take hormones saves lives. Denying them these opportunities, we’re told, is tantamount to murder. More evidence, though, is piling up that the opposite is true. So-called “gender affirming” care is terrible for people’s health. The latest evidence is a European study about the soaring rates of heart disease that result when people take hormones that occur naturally in the opposite sex.

Parents whose children come home from school (or college) announcing that they are, in fact, “transgender” often consult “experts” to learn more about this announcement. The experts will tell them that, if they don’t acknowledge, encourage, and embrace their child’s new identity, that’s the equivalent of a death sentence for their child. Why? Because the child will commit suicide if not allowed to swallow or shoot up powerful hormones and then chop off and remake body parts.

However, we’re slowly learning that the contrary is true: The only real “gender affirming” care is to guide a confused child back to the gender of his or her chromosomes, which reflect the only two genders there are. (Alternatively, one might give gender-confused men testosterone and gender-confused women estrogen. That’s an idea that hasn’t been tried.) Everything else really is a death sentence.

Image by Andrea Widburg using AI.

A Heritage Foundation study revealed that, in states allowing minors to bypass their parents to get so-called “gender affirming” care, the suicide rates were 14% higher.

Contrary to claims by advocates, puberty blockers are not harmless. Instead, they damage bone development and, because hormones affect all organs, not just the sexual organs, they may interfere with the brain’s development, too. As for the brain-body connection, children on puberty blockers may not only end up being sterile, but they’ll also never be able to experience sexual pleasure. The drugs are proving to be so dangerous that Britain’s National Health Service will no longer prescribe them to children.

The cosmetic surgery that makes people a weird simulacrum of the opposite sex is devastating for the body. I won’t go into detail here but, if you look it up, you’ll find that the post-surgical recovery is grueling and often never complete, and that the people who experience it, especially the men, never recover full, or even any, sexual function.

But wait, as the old Ginzu knife commercials used to say, there’s more! Even if people don’t have surgery or puberty blockers, the hormone treatments they must take as adults damage their hearts. In one of Nature’s great ironies, a Danish study that looked at 2,671 so-called “transgender people” shows that the same estrogen that protects women from heart attacks before menopause proves to be severely damaging to men who take it:

Trans women [i.e., men] taking [female] hormones are up to 95 per cent more likely to suffer heart disease, a new study has found.

Researchers found that trans women [i.e., men] – people born male who identify as women – taking gender-affirming hormones are almost twice as likely to suffer from any cardiovascular disease as men.

In other words, men—any men, no matter whether they think they’re women or butterflies—are going to destroy their hearts if they take estrogen. It’s not just men, though, who suffer. Women who take male sex hormones lose the benefit of the natural estrogen their bodies produce:

The study revealed that all transgender people regardless of the sex they were born or the gender they were transitioning to, were at “significantly increased risk” from deadly conditions like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure and high blood fat and cholesterol levels.


People who were “assigned male at birth” and taking oestrogen as a trans woman, were 93 per cent more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than men and 73 per cent more likely than women. [Emphasis added.]

The men also increased dramatically their risk of getting Type II diabetes, along with all the consequent health effects.

Back in the 1970s, Chiffon Margarine had an ad campaign claiming its margarine was so close to butter in flavor that even Mother Nature would be fooled. The tagline was “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.” Since then, of course, we’ve learned that margarine is not a healthy alternative to butter—quite the opposite, so it really was a bad idea to fool Mother Nature. And now we’re learning very quickly that it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature about chromosomal sex, either.

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