It is no wonder that birth rates are declining in the U.S.

Experts are warning about a declining birth rate in the U.S.

As with many things, they spot the problem but fail to identify the main causes of the problem. 

According to Fox News:

Population rate decline in the US triggers economic alarms from experts: 'Calamitous effect'

CDC data shows birth rates fell by 22% since 2007

For decades the media, so-called experts, scientists, educators, and other Democrats have been told there are too many humans and we are destroying the planet. 

Young women have been told that humans and CO2 are destroying the Earth and we only have a few years left.

Why would impressionable women, who are the only people capable of giving birth, want to bring children into an environment where they would only have a few years left and when more children will further destroy the planet?

And the media and other Democrats promote abortion and seek to destroy crisis pregnancy centers and other pro-life entities, too. 

Debate is not allowed for the party that claims it is for freedom of choice. Planned Parenthood can't stand when someone reduces abortions with adoptions or by giving birth and Democrats bend over for whatever PP wants.  

Compassion? Dem Gov. Pulls Funding for Abortion Alternatives

For 30 years, a program in Pennsylvania that helped women with unexpected pregnancies provided everything from food and clothing to shelter and counseling.

Real Alternatives, started during the administration of anti-abortion Governor Bob Casey, in 2004 was one of four non-profits in the state to earn the "Seal of Excellence" from the Pennsylvania Association of Non-Profit organizations.

It became a template for similar initiatives in Missouri, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Florida, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana.

According to State Sen. Judy Ward, R-Dist. 30, the program directly helped more than 349,000 Pennsylvania women by distributing funds to pregnancy help centers.

At the Pennsylvania March for Life, in which I participated earlier this month, a pregnancy center staffer I spoke to said the center received more than $100,000 annually from the statewide program.

What became of Real Alternatives nine months after the state’s new governor, Democrat Josh Shapiro, was sworn in?

It ceased to exist.

Isn't that a major cause of the decline in births?

Is it any wonder that so many young people are depressed and contemplate suicide when journalists work so hard every day to indoctrinate them on how dangerous humans and our use of natural resources is to the planet?

Kamala Harris spews fear about the climate every day and then seems clueless as to why the young have climate anxiety. 

Harris claims ‘climate anxiety’ has young people doubting the ‘sense’ of having children, buying homes.

It goes on and on. And none of these so-called 'experts' seems to be able to make a connection.

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