It is a miracle: Hawaiian court has determined that boys and girls are different

...and it has absolutely nothing to do with idiotically forcing girls to compete with boys in sports and forcing them to be exposed to penises in the locker room. 

According to the New York Times:

Hawaii education officials Friday agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by female athletes at the state’s biggest public high school alleging widespread and systemic sex discrimination, as well as retaliation against the girls who raised those concerns.

The lawsuit, filed by the athletes and their families from James Campbell High School, located in Ewa Beach, a Honolulu suburb, had accused school officials of forcing water polo athletes to practice in the ocean, sometimes battling whipping winds and choppy waves, because the school had failed to provide them a pool.

Closer to campus, female athletes had to run to a nearby Burger King to use the bathroom, or change clothes under the bleachers or on the bus. By contrast, the boys had their own locker room and facilities.

So females were forced to train for water polo in the dangerous ocean instead of a pool. Somehow, it appears they recognized girls aren't as strong as boys. 
And they also forced girls to go to a Burger King to change clothes or go to the bathroom, or go under the bleachers to change while boys had their own locker room.
Why didn't they just share the space since we are told that essentially there is no difference? After all, your sex, according to Democrats, is determined by how you feel and not by your body parts. 
Now, when will all states in the country stop forcing women and girls to compete with biological males? Democrats claim they are the party for women but every day they show it is not true by forcing them to compete and share spaces with men who only pretend they are women. 
Democrats claim they believe women should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies but they forced them to take a vaccine or get fired, too.
Now maybe the nonsense of all these positions will be clearer in public minds with this court ruling.
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Before we determine who should be President we should determine their cognitive ability. They should be asked to define a woman. They should be asked which sex was provided with the body parts that allow them to get pregnant and give birth. 

If they can't answer those simple questions, they might not be able to figure out how to enforce the border and might think that it is a smart policy to fund Iran so they can fund terrorists. 

The choice gets easier every day of which party and people to support. Either vote for the people who want the people to have more power, money and freedom or vote for the people who want the government to have more power and money to control all aspects of your life.

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