Hamas’s attack and the left’s support aren’t about Israel; they’re about the Jews

Most of the Muslim world has joined hands with most of the leftist world to make a single argument: Israel is a colonialist occupier that must be routed from the Muslim Arabs’ native land. To the extent Hamas launched an incursion into Israel, it was a necessary act to end imperialism. Many of us (me included) fight back with history showing that Jews are the indigenous people and Muslims the colonialists. That’s a pointless argument because the colonialist claim is just a cover: Islam and leftism are grounded in hatred for Jews, which plays out in the pointed savagery of the attack and open calls for Jewish deaths across the West. It’s not about Israel; it’s about the Jews. It’s always been about eradicating Jews.

Muslims are obligated to obey Mohamed's dictates. One of those, which he came up with after the Jews rejected his attempt to control them, boils down to “Kill the Jews.”

This is not theory, it’s fact. Last week, the Palestinian Authority (which is supposed to be “moderate” compared to Hamas) had its Ministry of Religious Affairs post guidelines for upcoming sermons. The sermon selected? The one in which Mohamed mandates that all Jews must be slaughtered. The mandate came 2,400 years after Jews became residents of the land, and over 1,300 years before modern Israel’s creation. This is what that preaching sounds like:

It’s not about “colonialism” in Israel. It’s about Islam’s hatred of Jews.

Karl Marx in his 1844 tract On the Jewish Question, heaped hatred upon the Jews, calling them money-grubbing hucksters. They, and by implication, the world, could be freed only if Judaism was erased. He wrote this over 100 years before modern Israel’s creation. It’s not about “colonialism” in Israel. It’s about the left’s hatred of Jews. Hitler sought to exterminate them before the modern nation ever existed.

These two hatreds show up in the fact that, across the world, the pro-Hamas protests attack Jews as Jews, rather than representatives of “colonialist” Israel. In Skokie, Illinois, the site of the famous Nazi plan to march through a town filled with Holocaust survivors, a pro-Hamas rally turned up to harass Jews…not Israelis but Jews. (Hat tip: Peter von Buol)

These people have nothing to do with Israel. The reason to attack and frighten them is Mohamed’s mandate to “Kill the Jews.”

In Illinois, an attorney who worked at the state comptroller’s office dreamed of putting Jews in the gas chamber:

In London, a city in which 15% of the population is Muslim, the streets rang with cries of “Kill the Jews”:

Incidentally, when Muslims meet or exceed 10% of the population, they opt for lawlessness, including threats of violence for anything that offends the Islamic creed.

In New York, “Kill the Jews” is also the rallying cry:

Sometimes, of course, they just want to abuse Jews:

Europe, of course, has the same:

In other words, it’s not about “colonial” Israel. It’s about killing Jews.

And if you want to know for sure that it’s not about colonialism but is about the Jews, Steven Hayward points out this bit of hypocrisy on American campuses:

The insincerity of the entire “colonizer” charge can be seen in a related campus fad: the “land acknowledgment.”

It is popular for faculty and administrators to declare at official functions like convocation and commencement that the university occupies land that belongs to — and often said to have been stolen from — an indigenous American tribe.

But if the land was acquired or held unjustly, why not give it back — or at least pay reparations from the multibillion-dollar endowments many universities have?

This is never suggested. Only the Jews in Israel are expected to give back land.

While Muslims are happy to voice their genocidal hatred for the Jews, leftists are more embarrassed. That’s why they’ve chosen to engage in genocide denial:

This kind of denial is so toxic (see, e.g., “the Israel bombed a Gaza hospital” hoax) that Israel took the unprecedented step of gathering together 200 journalists from around the world to show them a video that included footage proudly gathered by the Hamas SS. What’s apparent is that Hamas was not waging war against the military of a colonialist force. Instead, these men were killing the Jews with all the passion and glee that Mohamed mandated—although even Israel tries to pretend that “Islam is a religion of peace.” It isn’t. There are peaceful Muslims, but the religion is one of war, violent war.

(Please note that he’s not killing “Israelis.” He’s killing Jews.)

These are the assembled journalists, looking a bit stunned and disgusted:

Do you know what that reminded me of? It reminded me of April 1945, when the Allies forced 1,200 “good” German citizens of Weimar to tour Buchenwald concentration camp, which was right outside their door.

Apparently, the Germans found it upsetting, just as these journalists do. But I’m not sanguine. At the end of the day, these journalists, almost all of whom are leftists because journalists around the world are leftists, will convince themselves that it’s not about the Jews at all. It’s about Israeli colonialism, and you need to break a few Jewish eggs (or heads, whatever) to “free Palestine.”

Image: Kill the Jews, written on the subway walls. X screen grab.

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