Equity and the Church

A leftist friend joined the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Church of America), and she likes it because of its "social justice" policies.  Putting aside the pros and cons of the theology of the UUA for a moment, I checked on their "What we believe" page and noted that they believe in "social justice" and "equity."  It did not elaborate, so I asked my friend if they meant "equality" or "equity," assuming she knew the difference.  She did not, so I chose to inform her. 

I completely agree with the UUA helping people who cannot help themselves, who are unable to rise out of their situations.  Our church does likewise in the U.S. and outside it.  Most good churches do.  And most decent people do, if they can afford to.

"Equity" is now used by the left to mean a socialist/communist type of governance where no one person is permitted to rise above another.  Is this what the UUA believes?  In other words, instead of merit to determine remuneration or recognition, everyone gets dumbed down to the level of the person who is at the bottom.  Everyone gets to be equally miserable and incompetent.  Or, conversely, everyone who cannot produce gets raised up at the expense of those who are already producing.  "Tax the rich" is a good example of this.  So is student loan forgiveness, where you and I are taxed to pay for the bad debts others have accrued.  That is just plain evil and wrongheaded.

That is what "equity" means today in America: punish everyone so that the incompetent, the lazy, and the loud get preference.  It's what radical leftists want for America.  We on the right are fighting to get merit-based systems back on track so that the current level of national incompetence in all fields of endeavor can be reversed.  Who needs incompetent air traffic controllers, chemists, surgeons, etc.?  Diversity has done terrible damage, contrary to the "diversity is our strength" mantra, which is absolutely malevolent in intent and practice.

By contrast, equality under the law, which has been deeply damaged lately, is what is enshrined in the Constitution, and it's what conservatives fight to regain, where everyone gets the same treatment under the law and in the courts.  A quick look at what is being done to Donald Trump will quickly reveal how equality under the law is doing.  Also, opportunity to succeed if they want to is a good sort of equality.  If they cannot afford to succeed, charitable organizations will provide for it.  But we don't like having our taxes confiscated to pay for the lazy and the incompetent. 

Maleducation is the vicious and relentless brainwashing of little children concerning "gender" "systemic racism" and sexual matters.  It's about drag queenery.  It's about pornographic picture books for six-year-olds.  It's about creating a rift between parents and children.  Children are being deliberately frightened to death concerning "climate change," which, if it were actually unusually harsh (which it isn't), would raise the Earth's temperature a degree in the next hundred years.  So what?  These kids are having their childhoods stolen from them and are being told things their immature brains cannot process.

What did my friend have to say?  Nothing.  She did not reply.

That is pretty much where my response to her UUA email ended, but I got to thinking: here is an intelligent woman who joined a "church" (which doesn't worship the God of the Bible) and which appeals to what she proudly calls her "bleeding-heart liberalism."  What possible rationale is there for wanting to bring everyone down instead of up?  No one is helped by being rewarded for being lazy, stupid, or genuinely poor.  The rewarding of sloth and criminal behavior hurts everyone else who is trying to rise above his current level. 

Government wants to shut down charitable organizations such as churches so that it has control of everyone's stomach and brain.  The poor and the intellectually challenged must go to government for relief instead of looking to the churches and other charities for help.  One must ask why government is so hot to control those levers.  This is easy: if government controls food, clothing, banking, transportation, and education, it controls the people.  "Equity" gives control to the government.  Equality does not.  Guess which one leftists prefer.

The churches are targeted because they offer peace, decency, charity, and a world where government is not king.  Leftists hate that and will use every possible weapon to destroy it because it, and you, stand in their way.  If you belong to a church that won't come down hard against "equity," CRT, DIE, transsexualism, pornography, communism, or atheism, leave it.  There is no excuse for staying.

Image: Unitarian Universalist Association.

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