Daisies at the ends of their rifles: Is the Biden military just too woke?

Our military is the wall between us and the “Death to America” terrorist states and saber-rattling countries such as Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia.  

But what if our military won’t fight because it’s gone woke and its generals are more concerned with pronouns, micro-aggressions, and misgendering?  What about breaking things and killing people?  What about defending our shores, our infrastructure, our power grids, cyber-grids, and our people with some good old-fashioned macro-aggressions?  How do you defend a nation when your lapel pins are rainbow flags instead of American flags?

The left have been softening up our country for decades.  Only recently did they go after our military as well.  They divided it into two theaters of battle: one part was racial — black against white.  The other part was sexual — those women who called themselves men and men who called themselves women.  And not a soul said “stop” loud enough to be taken seriously.  One of our high-ranking officers is a woman in drag.  If he doesn’t know what he is, how does he know what to do?  There are other transsexuals in the military we don’t even know are there.  Can they protect their own, let alone us?  A woman who identifies as a male soldier cannot protect her buddy in arms on a battlefield.  How does such confusion help the goal of the American military, which is to protect and defend this country?  Even if there is no traditional battlefield, how does she even fight to defend America if she is fighting a pronoun war with fellow soldiers?

Our schools, entertainment, universities, businesses, banks, financial institutions, hospitals, Walmart, Amazon, Disney have all gone woke, making it their raison d’être, their reason for existing.  An American military that goes down that moral and cultural sewer cannot defend itself, let alone us.  I want bullets in those barrels, not daisies and rainbow flags.  I want them hating the enemy, not wondering if it’s got its pronouns right so it won’t misgender her.  Or him.

A vicious, malevolent enemy has attacked Israel.  Fighting by this enemy’s side are great powers in Iran and other countries.  Their stated goal is to obliterate Jews, turn Israel into glass, kill Christians, and launch “Death to America.”  They are not subtle telling us what they want to do.  Tell me how America defends against this with a divided military that is preoccupied with gender identity, “systemic racism,” and pronouns.

The cultural Marxists and communists have put us all in harm’s way deliberately; they hate America with a seething, fulminating rage.  They hate us for not going belly-up for them.  The anti-gun lobby in America is working at top speed to disarm firearm-owners so they cannot defend themselves when the American (or Iranian) Stasi come after us to subdue us.  Or worse.

I pray it is not too late to reverse these mushy military policies.  Give America back our sense of security we had from a macho military who could and would fight.  I pray the great silent majority who are choking from the trans-pronoun-woke miasma that blankets American culture are numerous enough and motivated enough to realize that our enemies without hate us and want us on our knees, and our enemies within concur.  I hope we understand this existential fulcrum we stand upon. 

We must rid America of the woke, or else we will perish from our own divisions along sex and race faults.  If the time isn’t now, when is?  When Iran or China go after your children in their beds?

Image: PickPikPickPik royalty free.

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