Climate ‘experts’ assure us they weren’t wrong, it was just a ‘miracle’ year

Before the record wet winter which saw torrential downpour and floods, the “experts” were predicting a continuous dangerous drought—but the inaccuracy wasn’t because they were wrong, it was simply a miracle! From a Los Angeles Times article, shared via Yahoo:

Forecasters are warning of another potentially wet winter fueled by El Niño, which could bring levee breaches and flooding to the state once again.

‘This was as close to a miracle year as you can get following the intensity of drought conditions,’ said Karla Nemeth, director of the Department of Water Resources, during a briefing Tuesday.

‘Mother Nature really helped us out, and she did help us out in a really, really big way in certain parts of the state,’ Nemeth said. ‘But there are always ways in which Mother Nature can throw us a curve ball….’

Now these same so-called experts are predicting, and warning, that it could be another “extreme” winter, and the “strong possibility” of an El Niño weather event.

How many times have we been warned about melting ice at the poles and how that would detrimentally raise sea levels? The best guess on sea levels is that they have increased a whopping nine inches (essentially immeasurable) in the 160 years the earth has supposedly been rapidly warming. If the earth warms as predicted, won’t a lot of water evaporate to offset the melting ice?

Two days back, Yahoo noted that “Antarctic sea ice” was at an “all-time record low for winter” but what the report didn’t tell us was that the Antarctic ice rapidly thickened two years ago when the region had the coldest six months on record and the temperature was an average negative 62.9 degrees, which is six degrees below normal.

The media and other green pushers conveniently omit information that doesn’t support the “warming” narrative, and don’t want the indoctrinated public to see factual information that would destroy their theory.

What is actually a miracle is that anyone believes the scam, when previous dire predictions have been wrong 100% of the time.

Why would anyone believe “experts” who predicted droughts before record snow would be able to accurately predict what the climate will be one hundred years from now?

Why would anyone believe that politicians and bureaucrats could control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever, if they couldn’t foresee a terrorist attack in Israel that was allegedly planned months in advance, by known terrorists?

Why would anyone trust an administration that hands boatloads of money to Iran, which pledges death to Israel and the U.S., to have intelligent energy policies?

Why would anyone believe that China, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. would throw away  hundreds of billions of dollars to prioritize the impact of their “carbon footprint”?

Why would anyone trust media outlets who just repeat talking points pushing radical and destructive green policies while refusing to ask questions or doing any research?

There is only one question they need to ask Joe Biden, John Kerry, or any so-called expert that shows this is just a money grabbing scam—where is the scientific data that shows a link between humans consumption of oil, natural gas, and coal and temperatures? Hint: There is none. The temperature has fluctuated both up and down the last 160 years while our use of these natural resources has rocketed straight up. It is a simple scientific concept that when there is no correlation, you cannot assume causation. 

The purpose of the scam is greed and to control the people.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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