A gander at Joe Biden’s executive orders tells us a lot about his presidency

list of executive orders by Joe Biden is an excellent starting point to see how authoritarian executive orders can corrupt the political system and Constitution.

Let’s look.

As of May 9, 2023, President Biden has signed 115 executive orders.  Here a few of them:

Executive Order 13985 — Advances racial equity and support for underserved communities through the federal government.

This is unconstitutional discrimination based on racial identity and not character and competence of the individual, so it is a blatantly unconstitutional, racist executive order.

Executive Order 13988 — Designed to prevent and combat discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

It is one thing to tolerate adult gays, bisexuals, and transgenders, but it is another to prove discrimination by heterosexuals and punish them for it.  Who will determine whether the discrimination was based on character and competence and not gender identity or sexual orientation?  Thus, this order may sound OK in theory, but in practice, it is not enforceable.  This is why the Bill of Rights of the Constitution will probably not be amended to include no discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation on into the foreseeable future.  By the way, sexual orientation also includes pedophiles, who should be discriminated against by everyone with an ounce of sanity.  Men in women’s sports should be discriminated against, too, no matter what they claim about their gender identity.

Executive Order 13990 — Protecting public health and the environment and restoring science to tackle the climate crisis.

There is no climate crisis, and science has been politicized as far as climate change and global warming are concerned.  Blaming the so-called climate crisis on one gas, CO2, and fossil fuels is highly inaccurate and scientifically and experimentally unprovable.  Climate change is a fact of life, which the sun is mostly responsible for, and about the only thing that you can do to make things humanly better is to slow down the deforestation of the Earth.  Nobody can alter what goes on with the sun.

Executive Order 13995 — Ensuring an equitable pandemic response and recovery.

The word here is “equity,” or by definition fair and impartial, which is very subjective and prone to political bias.  However, according to Biden, equitable means serving communities “of color” and underserved communities.  This reference to color is an indirect reference to race and is in reality discrimination based on race, and that is unconstitutional if not pure racism itself.

Executive Order 14008 — Tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad.  “The scientific community has made clear that the scale and speed of necessary action is greater than previously believed. There is little time left to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory. Responding to the climate crisis will require both significant short-term global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and net-zero global emissions by mid-century or before.”

This text from the executive order is blatant fear-mongering and recommending gargantuan law changes toward net-zero global emissions, which is politically undoable worldwide and nothing that we should be wasting our taxpayers’ money on.  Further, the scientific community has been politicized and is giving a lot of useless advice based on inaccurate climate models, since climate change and global warming have not been proven or experimentally shown to be factual and based purely on emissions of gases like CO2.

Executive Order 14008 (continued) — Tackling the climate crisis at home and abroad.  “Sec. 103. Prioritizing climate in foreign policy and National Security.  To ensure that climate change considerations are central to United States foreign policy and national security.”

First of all, the climate change crisis is a bogus crisis, supposedly caused by human’s emissions, thus requiring a net-zero emissions by 2050.  This is pure fear-mongering and scientifically unproven.  To further state that climate change legislation should be central to United States foreign policy is to unsuccessfully impose net-zero emissions on the rest of the unwilling world, especially Russia and China.

By what stretch of the imagination is climate change a threat to national security?  Since almost every federal agency is mentioned, this just seems like a bureaucratic attempt at micromanaging the entire economy and imposing gargantuan government restrictions on anything that emits CO2 and other yet to be identified gases.

This is perhaps the dumbest and most oppressive executive order that one could imagine.  Read it yourself.  It is a classic example of excessive government overreach.

It’s not a very smart way to run the country, through executive orders.  Yes, there is general stalemate in congressional action, which too often seems incapable of reaching legislative consensus to solve national problems.  But that’s what presidential dealmaking is for.  Joe Biden is too lazy and insentient to be bothered by the hard work of cutting deals with his opponents.  He would rather just govern by fiat.

Image: U.S. government photo via RawPixel, public domain.

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