With illegal migrants pouring into Lampedusa, Italy's Meloni pulls out the Greg Abbott card

It's astonishing how similar Italy and its problem with illegal migrants rolling in from its south is to Texas with all its problems with incoming illegals. Douglas Murray at the New York Post, wrote a fine piece yesterday about how it looks from the ground there.

Now, Italy's prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, is looking to take some Gov. Greg Abbott-type action.

Yesterday she issued a vow to the European Union to take "extraordinary measures" if the EU doesn't blockade the migrant boats which are currently flooding the Italian island of Lampedusa, situated halfway between Sicily and the Tunisian coast in the Mediterranean. Some 7,000 illegal migrants have rolled in, which is more than the permanent population of Lampedusa itself. She's furious, and suggested that if the European Union doesn't bother to enforce immigration law with a joint naval blockade of its own, then she's sending in the Italian navy to take care of the matter.

Here's her address which (unfortunately for us), is only in Italian:



The gist of it is getting around, though:



Which makes sense. Italy is a sovereign nation and has every right to defend its sovereign borders, EU or no EU. The European Union can legislate all its likes around its own affairs, but with Italy threatened with an invasion from a non-EU country, it's within its rights to take action, although the EU doesn't see it that way.

Still, EU President Ursula von den Leyen has quickly responded, saying she would come to the border, or rather, island, presumably to placate Meloni. Based on what we've seen of her in Ukraine, she likes disaster tourism done in first-class comfort, and is a fan of stern warnings. She's on the same page as Joe Biden. 

Not only does Italy parallel Texas geographically, situated at the southern center of the European continent, just as Texas is with rest of the United States to its north, it's also the intake point for millions of illegal migrants, who, like those coming into Texas, are directed and enabled by criminal cartels in nations to the south of it -- Tunisia rather than Mexico. And like Texas, Italy is dealing with an indifferent central socialist government it supposedly must answer to as a member of the European Union, which of course doesn't care in the least if Italy is overrun by low-value migrants with few skills, no education, low social capital, a ravenous appetite for welfare services, and no intention of assimilating. 

That's Italy's problem, let them deal with it. Germany has already told Italy to not send them there.

What triggered the migrant surge was a deal the European Union brokered with Tunisia to keep the boats at home and the cartels at bay, in exchange for a hundred million dollars. The EU check has not been sent, so the migrant boats are flowing again to Italy, which is paying a heck of a lot more than a hundred million to take in the illegal migrants and find some place to take them if they can.

And the migrants are behaving like this:





...fleeing war and torture, as the EU propaganda and mainstream media says. (I see a lot of flaming sarcasm from the Italian and some other European posters of these videos)







German and French tourists on the island who will return to their homelands have been seen dancing with the migrants:


The press reported that it was a kumbaya moment for everyone, but the Italian sources I have seen on Twitter say it was tourists, not Italians out dancing, and well, they do look like pasty German tourists.

As for the Italian citizens of Lampedusa, who are overrun with literally more migrants than the island's permanent population, they are angry and protesting -- much the same way the border towns of the Texas have swung red and shifted their voting patterns in protest.



Listen to them: They sound like real Italians.

Now Meloni vows to take matters into Italy's hands if she can't get results from Europe. She ought to pull out entirely from the EU but that may not be practical now. Given the EU's indifference to enforcing its own payoffs to countries like Tunisia, why should she defer to the EU on a naval blockade? They'll just treat her the way they treated Tunisia.

For that, she's calling to take matters into her own state's hands. She ought to do it, not just to protect Italy, but to teach the EU a lesson. If she takes Italy out of the EU bloc, she ought to forge an alliance with the Brexited-U.K., and ... Gov. Abbott of Texas.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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