Where did all the FEMA billions go?

As usual, the Biden White House wants more money.

The latest request is for more FEMA money, with Hawaii's wildfire disaster in Maui being the supposed culprit.

According to The Hill:

The Biden administration is seeking an additional $4 billion to replenish the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Disaster Relief Fund in the wake of recent extreme weather, bringing the total it is asking Congress to approve to $16 billion.

The extra funding request announced Friday is in response to the Maui wildfires, for which President Biden signed a major disaster declaration to support recovery efforts, and to Hurricane Idalia, which also required a major disaster declaration.

Maybe there are better ways for FEMA to spend its disaster relief money than by housing FEMA officials in $1,000 a night hotel rooms while the only aid being given is in those $700 checks. One guy with a FEMA checkbook and a room at the Best Western could do that. But they insist it was on the up and up.

But that's probably small potatoes.

Where much of FEMA's money reportedly goes is to "the border" where they provide housing, transport, communications, medical care, food, and supplies to millions of incoming illegal aliens, through their NGO buddies on contract. Seems paying for an unguarded border and subsidizing the business model of Mexico's cartels costs a lot for FEMA, leaving it unable to respond to other disasters involving actual Americans.

While they're claiming Lahaina blew out their budget, take a look at some of the back-of-the-envelope calculations of what fire victims actually got:

(Note: the math in the above tweet is wrong, but it's still chump change compared to the money our administration spends on illegal aliens and Ukraine.)

So the rest went to hotel rooms for FEMA satraps livin' large on their Hawaiian holiday. If they've spent on other things, maybe they ought to say something.

The preponderance of the evidence, though, points to illegals. This threat tries to get to the bottom of it.



Somehow, that's not what the American people are being told, though, and it's certainly not what the Hawaii fire victims are getting. Government agencies don't just run out of money, especially not FEMA which is an agency that's all about contingencies. This year wasn't any worse than other years for disasters collectively. Something is going on, and Americans have a right to know what's eating FEMA's money.

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