We're all witnesses to an attempted political murder

Never before has the American people been subjected to the obnoxious spectacle of a former president being relentlessly pursued by craven partisans using government (read: taxpayer-funded) resources.  One explanation involves Mr. Trump's unique ability to bring out the worst in his enemies.  Actually, it may also be caused by a common character weakness among his opponents.

One would need an enormous score card to keep track of all the indictments and other litigations being heaped upon Mr. Trump.  He has thus employed an army of attorneys in order to resist the onslaught.  Being a billionaire has certainly come in handy for this effort — but a few billion dollars can go only so far.  The stubborn continuation of his candidacy for re-election allows him to raise campaign contributions, some of which can be applied to his legal defense — because they are an appropriate campaign expense, much like media advertisements, mailers and travel.  The prevailing countermeasure has been for the Deep State thugs to add Trump's lawyers to their target list.

Some historians have pointed out that presidents are often the opposite of their predecessor.  Carter followed Nixon, Reagan followed Carter, and Trump followed Obama.  And, speaking of Obama, his great strength is also Trump's particular weakness.  Limbaugh used to say that Lois Lerner, Obama's IRS hatchet woman who stifled conservative non-profits, didn't need to be told what to do; she was hired because she already knew what she was supposed to do...thus eliminating many possibly embarrassing emails.  Trump's entourage, however, was not sufficiently screened for loyalty.  Hence, a conspicuous lack of control undermined his (first) administration.

Meanwhile, the Deep State has remained heavily populated with Obama's picks.  Along with the "new" Democrat party, they are imbued with the tyrannical dogma that "the people" would be much better served if the government had more control over their lives.  Without such allegedly "benign" control, folks would continue to make mistakes...such as eating the wrong food, watching the wrong TV shows, creating plastic waste, and releasing the wrong gases into the atmosphere.

Trump's presidency was the antithesis to this dogma.  Less government = greater prosperity and thus more comfortable lives.  Trump didn't invent this; it's imbedded in American culture, hence his extremely durable popularity and the ease with which he proved its legitimacy.  Trump and his allies continue to stand in the way of the complete dominance by the state over the many sovereign individuals — who merely want to pursue happiness and be good neighbors.

Being in the way naturally draws incoming fire.  The petty tyrants cannot afford another Trump presidency.  Caution has been thrown to the wind, and the corrupt and complicit media are doing what they can to help out.  It has suddenly become a criminal act to question the legitimacy of one's defeat.  Tell this to Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Unlike squishy RINOs, Trump can take a hit.  He proved this while dealing with his properties in New York City.  He admitted, after he won the 2016 election, that politics was significantly more ruthless than Manhattan real estate.  Still, the Deep State hacks were not prepared for a tough Republican.  They were used to the likes of the Romneys and Bushes.

The unprecedented viciousness on the part of Trump's adversaries may be the result of the squandered credibility of the complicit media.  The same old tired clichés that used to provoke the desired response now elicit yawns — prime example being the continuing push for climate hysteria.  Every flood, drought, heat wave, high tide, strong wind, etc. is hyped as further evidence of impending catastrophe.  It's just that there are way too many folks who are old enough to remember comparable events, which were never considered to be political instruments.  When I was in tenth grade, back in the early 1960s, all of the schools in Los Angeles were suddenly closed because it got to be 112 degrees F in the shade.

I tend to look back at the lead-up to the Civil War for a comparable period of high political tension.  But that was primarily geographic.  Slavery had been abolished state-by-state except in the South, where cotton plantations were of particular economic importance.  Today's conflict is much more ideologic.  It is also much more visible.  Therein lies the rub — the wannabe totalitarians are no longer able to conceal their nefarious doings.  Trump knows this and keeps goading them into further exposing their treachery.

Another goad is that the Dems don't have anything in the form of a champion to throw in front of Trump.  Again, their desperation fuels grotesque responses.  And the complicit media are scrambling, in spite of the accumulating Biden scandals.  I can only expect even more bizarre events.  Now that California's governor Hair Gel has gone out of his way to advocate for a constitutional convention — mostly to seriously modify the Second Amendment — his posterior is grass as far as a credible opponent to Mr. Trump.  And, just recently, Donna Brazile (of all people) explained Trump's inconvenient resilience with the old truism: what doesn't kill him just makes him stronger.

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