Transgenderism—a tragic money-making scam

Historically, a girl who physically looked male like and was more interested in male activities and behaviors was called a tomboy. Boys who looked a little like girls physically and were interested in female activities and behaviors were called effeminate. Those girls probably wished they were boys and those boys wished they were girls. Society largely discriminated against tomboys and effeminate boys because naturally, they were the outliers.

Both society and nature seem to abhor biological deviants or oddballs by disfavoring them and preventing most of them from reproducing sexually. This is a perfectly understandable situation and a just result to a certain extent.

Transgender refers to a person whose “gender identity” does not correspond with his/her birth sex. The key word in this definition is “gender identity” which is merely a wish or desire to be considered of the opposite biological sex, or, anywhere on some undefined spectrum.

The DSM-5-TR, a psychiatric diagnosis manual, notes patients with gender dysphoria have “a strong desire for the primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the other gender,” and “a strong desire to be of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).”

In the United States, gender dysphoria is not automatically considered a disability under federal law, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, the ADA does protect individuals from discrimination on the basis of disability, and some courts have ruled that severe gender dysphoria, when it substantially limits one or more major life activities, could be considered a disability under the ADA, providing protection against discrimination. More proof that left wing government actions and judges without objective proof can misrepresent gender dysphoria as a severe disability and not just delusional wayward thinking.

With the promise of special treatment under the ADA, and away from the black sheep treatment of yesteryear, trans-deluded people turn to mental health “experts.”

So, the psychiatric profession has gotten into the business of treating transgender patients for a profit. It seems that if you have a strong desire or strong wish or desire to be transgender then psychiatrists are ready and able to “treat” your delusion for a fee.

The medical profession and drug companies have also gotten into making a buck off of the transgender craze by prescribing male and female hormones and puberty blockers for transgender patients. Never mind the bad immediate and long-term side effects of such unproven treatments with increased risk of blood clots, certain cancers, high blood pressure, infertility, and elevated cholesterol levels to name a few — which eventually mean more pills and more money spent — or that some teenagers were victimized and transitioned before they became fully consenting adults, a truly tragic and even criminal reality.

Even more expensive are the “body mutilations” performed by surgeons who cut off healthy breasts and penises, implant vaginas made from fish skin, and facial reconstructions. Truly a tragic consequence when later in life the patients feel that they made a great mistake by trying to physically look like the opposite sex. The fact that transgenders are much likelier to suffer from depression, anxiety, distress, and suicide is just more money in the bank for psychiatrists. Transgenderism is a money-making scam, exploiting dysphoric and delusional patients. Most of these transgenders are little more than experimental guinea pigs for society.

Discrimination and the absence of equal rights for transgenders has been replaced, by a tyrannical minority, with equal rights everywhere. Males insist on the right to participate in female sports, where they excel due to greater strength and speed, thus depriving many female athletes of fair competition, financial reward, and champion status. Biological males and females are different, and trying to make them equal both physically and mentally is a tragic delusion.

This is all just another attempt at putting another nail into the coffin of healthy and happy heterosexual marriage unions.

It is not enough to call transgenderism a tragedy for society, but worse yet is that it is an unethical money-making scam for the medical profession, psychiatric profession, and drug companies who victimize many. I personally feel that it is criminal to encourage a teenager to make a transgender transition before adulthood when they should have a right to screw up their lives with surgeries and hormones if they want to.

It is a scam to pretend that a desire or wish to be of the opposite sex is actually attainable and a natural desire or wish. Of course a complete scam is actually making some money out of it. A true tragedy for society.

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