The horrible NY ruling against Trump and the horrible judge who issued it

It was a given when a judge ruled against Donald Trump on the suit that New York State Attorney General Letitia James filed, alleging that Trump defrauded banks to obtain loans. The ruling revealed two interesting and important things about how leftists and their fellow travelers use the legal system and about the ideological corruption of leftist judges.

It goes without saying that the verdict was a joke. The claim was that Trump lied to lenders to get better loan terms. Interestingly, none of the lenders complained, and Trump paid back every penny. More than that, commercial lenders have a due diligence responsibility, meaning they’re supposed to do their own valuations before lending millions of dollars. At Trump’s level, lying is virtually impossible.

Still, it should have been a big story: A judge claims Trump committed fraud and banned him from conducting business in New York, the state where most of the properties Trump developed exist. You’d think that this would have been news fodder for days. I mean, this is the ex-president (or, for some of us, the current president) and one who, before his presidency, was New York’s biggest and most famous real estate maven. And yet, if you paid attention to the news, the coverage was de minimis.

Image: The Not Very Honorable Arthur Engoron. YouTube screen grab.

The silence means a couple of things: First, it shows that the decision was timed to be a temporary distraction from the now-impossible-to-ignore news about Joe Biden’s selling out American interests for profit. And if anyone is wondering, what Biden did was worse than what Spiro Agnew did when he was Vice President. Agnew engaged in age-old graft. Based on all the information available, Biden literally sold his own country down the river to line his pockets.

Second, it shows that everyone understands that this verdict is, as I said, a joke. It’s a purely political hit job that has nothing to do with Trump’s business practices and everything to do with stopping his 2024 presidential run. As such, for the left, aside from being a temporary distraction from Biden’s mounting problems, it’s not useful right now on its own terms. They’re filing it away for future reference should Trump be the Republican nominee. The Vichy Republicans, the ones who align more closely with Democrats than Americans, are silent for the same reason.

And if you want evidence that the verdict is a joke, this tweet from Eric Trump perfectly encapsulates the problem:

To give you a bit of perspective, in 2008, Trump sold a much smaller property, roughly four miles away and with only one oceanfront, not two, for $100 million.

So, what kind of judge does this? For starters, a leftist judge, which invariably means a partisan judge who puts politics over the law. To appreciate just how partisan the Not So Honorable Arthur Engoron is, take a look at the program issued when he was inducted as a judge on the Supreme Court of the State of New York. For your convenience, I’ve taken page four, the list of organizations to which he was beholden, and highlighted the keyword “Democrat” or “Democratic” whenever it appears:

Engoron also has a problem with rules and regulations that don’t run his way and, one can extrapolate, he’ll view the law as an unnecessary barrier, too. In 2002, when he was a law clerk in the Manhattan Supreme Court, he got into trouble for dating the secretary of a plaintiff’s lawyer who was trying a case before the judge for whom Engoron worked. The defense attorney was understandably upset, given that law clerks are integral to how the judges for whom they work decide their cases. That’s why, whether there’s a written rule or not, what Engoron did was highly unethical.

In 2019, Engoron had a fascinating comment about a huge battle regarding four residential towers developers wanted to build in New York’s Lower East Side. According to the developers, New York zoning rules allowed them to build the towers. According to Engoron, “You can’t just do this because the zoning allows it.”

That’s how leftist judges think: If I don’t like the rules, they don’t apply. I saw this in my career when a leftist judge to whom I’d conclusively demonstrated that the plaintiff had no, zip, zero cause of action said (and I’m paraphrasing), “Well, I know what the law is, but I think there’s something here.” We eventually won at trial, including over a million in attorney’s fees, in a case that should have been settled out of hand, if a leftist judge hadn’t ignored the law.

Finally, there’s the fact that Engoron is a profoundly muddy, banal, confused, scarily stupid speaker. He’s the teacher at high school or college who made you want to commit seppuku and turned you off of formal education entirely. Here he is in 2015, trying to explain to CUNY Queensborough journalism students how to cover court cases. I listened to the whole thing trying to find some gem for this post, which I didn’t. However, I will say it was torture to listen to this little mind at work:

When you have a leftist judge like this—minimal intellect, minimal respect for the law, and highly partisan—you’re going to get the kind of ruling he issued against Trump. And when you see the disinterested response from Democrats and Vichy Republicans, you know that they understand that this is a trash ruling from a corrupt system. It’s simply meant to be used as another bomb to be lobbed at Trump when the moment is right.

America is deeply in need of judicial reform. Judges have a disproportionate influence on social and political issues, and, when they are leftists, they are almost invariably ideologically corrupt, bringing their biases to the bench and crowding out the rule of law.

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