The cartels who run the world

Cartel – a coalition or cooperative arrangement between political parties intended to promote a mutual interest. 

The European Union is a cartel. The oil industry is cartel. The FDA and the CDC are cartels. Everyone knows about the Mexican drug cartels. They are the cartels that run Mexico, control our southern border and, since Joe Biden took office, have become fabulously wealthy trafficking women and children as well as drugs into the U.S. 

They benefit financially from every migrant they allow to cross into the United States. The migrants pay, they are given wristbands that are their permission slip to cross the border.

When the oleaginous Alexander Mayorkas testified under oath that he had no idea what those wristbands were, he blatantly lied, as he has numerous times since. Bottom line? The Biden administration has willingly relinquished control of our southern border to these Mexican drug cartels. As a collective, they are a vicious, brutal enterprise that operates on one rationale: Our way or death. 

Where are the drug cartels getting their weapons? They are being provided by the United States. Cut off that flow of arms.” -Noam Chomsky.

The Biden regime, in conjunction with the American deep state, is a cartel; not a good one.

The Latin American drug cartels have stretched their tentacles much deeper into our lives than most people believe. It's possible they are calling the shots at all levels of government. -William Colby

The Biden administration has wholly capitulated to the Mexican cartels’ dictates.  

This administration is turning the U.S. into Venezuela.  That should be obvious to every American by now but, alas, too many pay no attention to the slow-motion destruction of their own country.  So, like the frogs in slow-to-boil water, many Americans ignore the invasion of nearly ten million illegal aliens that are crowding the streets, motels and hotels of New York City, Los Angeles, and countless other cites throughout the country.  

Meanwhile, college students think we have too much freedom, that our speech should be restricted.  They have no knowledge of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the guaranteed freedoms we all once took for granted. 

But the drug cartels are not the only enterprises that seek to control our lives.  The D.C. uniparty, the deep state, the swamp, takes its privilege to control our lives for granted.  They massage the Constitution into a fabric of unconstitutional manipulations, like “omnibus bills,” continuing resolutions that effectively spend our taxpayer dollars far beyond what they can possibly provide.  The Biden-caused inflation has nearly doubled the cost of everything.  The “debt reduction act” that the Democrats with Speaker McCarthy’s help rammed through effectively bankrupts the nation beyond the $33 trillion we already owe.  That bill allowed for $7 trillion in spending per year when those who voted for it know that revenue is, at best, $5 trillion per year; less now.  

What’s wrong with this picture?  The people who supported this extravagant, deficit spending apparently never passed seventh grade math.  In the old days, no responsible person, no matter their yearly income, ran their home or business this way.  Bottom line? The D.C. uniparty, the swamp, is a cartel.  The mutual interest they promote is to perpetuate their own wealth, not the good of the American people or the nation. 

The Democrat party is itself a cartel.  As a collective, it cares for nothing but its own power.  It cares nothing for the American people.  If it did, Joe Biden would never have been illegally installed as president.  The Democrat party, which includes the mainstream media, will stop at nothing, will promote any lie that undergirds their Marxist narrative.  Watch CNN, MSNBC, even FOX for a few minutes; they mean to tell us how and what to think. They are angry when we do not abide by their rules.  If you are anti-vax for obvious reasons, you must be destroyed.  The Democrat party cartel is determined to destroy Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for he tells the truth about the vaccines so he must be nullified, no matter how many doctors and scientists agree with him. The Democrat cartel is actively trying to destroy one of their own.

By denying him Secret Service protection, they are telegraphing their hope that he will, like his uncle and father, be assassinated. Why? The vaccines may well be a bio-weapon meant to cause the deaths and injuries they have across the globe.  The all-cause mortality rate is up about 40% since the vaccines were introduced and mandated. The Democrat party is a death cartel as surely as the Mexican drug cartels are, as surely as the D.C. uniparty is a cartel with total disdain for its constituents.

In partnership with the D.C. uniparty cartel is the radical environmentalist cartel.  These are the folks who embrace the hoax of manmade global warming as a pathway to controlling the people.  They all likely know that man cannot affect the climate but it is a tactic, a strategy of fear they use to force populations to submit to stupid things like electric cars for which there is no way they can all be charged with our electric grid as it stands.  Solar and wind power will never be able to power America.  Net Zero is a pipe dream that will take us back to the dark ages.  Energy is the only path to a prosperous future.  The environmentalist cartel is perhaps the most perilous to our way of life. 

Then there is the Republican Party, the purposefully powerless party that is scared of its own shadow.  They are a cartel unto themselves, a party dedicated to weakness.  God forbid they operate like the Democrats.  No, the Republicans purposefully render themselves powerless.  They pretend to be above the brutal tactics of the left by being thoroughly submissive.  They pat themselves on the back for being above the dirty tricks of the left as they submit to those dirty tricks again and again.  The Republicans operate like abused wives who continually excuse their abusers which is why they lose, again and again. They give up like a small animal chased by a coyote; they roll over with their legs in the air waiting to be eaten. There are only a few who dare to actually represent their constituents; Matt Gaetz, Matt Rosendale, Eli Crane, Chip Roy to name a few. May the wind be at their backs.

The rest of them are mostly scared of their own shadow and scared of losing the largess of donors whose bidding they must do -- Kevin McCarthy, for example.  It is a terrible mess in which we Americans find ourselves.  We are being led by a cartel (the D.C. uniparty) that has capitulated to a more powerful cartel (the Mexican drug cartels).  And as all this transpires, our Republican Party cartel dabbles in pseudo investigations of the prodigious crimes of the Biden family, which are the most unscrupulous in U.S. history, as if they are petty crimes they are almost embarrassed to bring to light. 

It is clear to all Americans who are paying attention that President Trump will be the subject of unconstitutional lawfare until he is banished from the American political scene while the Biden crime family will never be brought to justice by our thoroughly corrupt DOJ.  We are officially a third world banana republic under the Biden regime.  We are becoming Venezuela under Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.  Stand up Americans and fight back against the Marxist takeover of the United States and our home-grown cartels.

“Drug cartels have taken the driver’s seat, training our young
men and women on how best to self destruct, while the larger
community watches on helplessly as these bands of renegades lead
our people towards the path of self annihilation”

― Oche Otorkpa, The Unseen Terrorist

Image: Screen shot from SkyNews video, via YouTube

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