Some truths for conservatives to remember as things falls apart

Americans are immersed in an ocean of lies, deceit, and propaganda.  The MSM, at the behest of the Marxist-Leninist Lizard Overlords, gleefully inject their digital fentanyl into our "skulls full of mush," knowing that tens of millions of zombiesque addicted souls will never recover their sense of inquiry and resolve.

So, for the never woke, the un-woke, the semi-woke, and the drooling woke, I have gathered a short list of what I believe is the honest ground truth in America today.  Feel free to add your own ground truths in the comments section below.

(If you're a woke progressive and are easily offended, please don't read any further, and click here.)

The 2020 election was stolen.

Climate hysteria is an absolute hoax.

Deep State actors never get indicted, much less convicted.

America no longer has a southern border with Mexico.

E.V.s are an overpriced, overhyped pipe dream.

America has huge reserves of natural gas and oil still in the ground.

America stupidly burns food crops for fuel.

The MSM are nothing but a propaganda arm of our Marxist-Leninist Lizard Overlords.

The M-LLOs are planning to re-run the COVID playbook this fall, except they will change the excuse to climate hysteria.

The M-LLOs cannot allow Trump to run again, even if it destroys the U.S. legal system.

The U.S. military has already been stripped of most of its strategic reserves of war materiel and fuel.

The M-LLOs desperately want to confiscate your guns.

The M-LLOs' ultimate goal is to swiftly reduce the global population from eight billion to five hundred million souls.  That's a 93.75% reduction of souls.

Your and your families' chances of survival are pretty darn slim without extensive preparation and planning.  So prepare accordingly.  Start today.

Pray for God's blessing and the strength to face your worst fears, and then move forward.

God has gently suggested to Michael Devon that he should warn America of the dystopian future that possibly lies ahead.  Favorite quote: "Lord, I read what happened with Jonah, I think you have chosen the wrong messenger again."

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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