Rural populations surpassed urban ones for the first time in 30 years

Á la the Jeopardy! game show, here’s “Public Infestations” for $200:

These resilient pests swarm, devour and destroy, then move on to a new locale.

Oh, you said “What are locusts?” I’m sorry, the correct answer was “What are Democrats?”

Yesterday, Bloomberg published a report highlighting new details (and therefore additional fallout), of the years-long drastic population shifts from blue hellscapes to red havens; from the article:

Rural America is booming, but the population growth that’s boosting local economies is also putting a strain on everything from schools to housing and roads.

The influx — which started during the pandemic — has continued even as Covid restrictions have lifted. The latest government data released just last month points to a second year of increases in 2022 after years of declines.

The number of people living in non-metro areas outgrew the urban population for the first time in three decades in 2021, and the rural population expanded again last year.

For the first time in 30 years, more people are living in “rural” areas than in “urban” areas… and we all know exactly why.

The modern Democrat party has itself undergone a dramatic transformation; having abandoned all pretenses of being a patriotic and pro-American apparatus, its politicians now openly scorn the ordinary people they once claimed to represent. The “green” agenda of the Democrats demands the destruction of the oil, coal, and natural gas energy sectors and poof! There goes millions of American jobs. They beat the little guy into enslavement with exorbitant taxes and burdensome regulations. They pour hundreds of billions of dollars into Ukraine’s coffers, and toss pennies at Maui. They turn away American children from public school to make room for the masses of illegal aliens—honestly though, this betrayal is just as well.

The writers of the article note that the relocation of denizens from the city to the country is “putting a strain on everything” but especially, the people forced to absorb these blue refugees. They write that the “trend is sparking resentment as house prices rise” stating that the “top 10 rural counties” that have experienced the highest influx of blue refugees have seen home prices soar by “more than 40% over the past three years.” But, it’s also fostering animus in another way too: these blue refugees are bringing their blue politics with them:

‘There’s a lot of resentment,’ said Maggie Doherty, a writer and columnist who lives in Flathead County, Montana. ‘There’s bumper stickers that say ‘Montana’s full’ or ‘Don’t California my Montana.’’

In some places, the influx of new residents is deepening political divides in an already polarized country.

‘There’s been a lot of battles politically over building and where to build,’ said Pete Fuller, who lives in Jackson County and heads the Democratic Party there. ‘There are organized groups that do not want affordable housing being built.’

We’ve been told that the people fleeing the Democrat strongholds of California, Illinois, and New York are conservatives, but I’ve long argued that that’s not quite the case. As a general rule, these blue refugees fall into one of two camps. They’re either hardcore and impressively empty-headed leftists who can’t understand why homes have become so unaffordable or traffic so bad; or they’re traditional conservative Democrats, who just aren’t radical leftists. But they are not, as a whole, solid and principled constitutionalists, and when they arrive at a place with a functioning society and civic sanity, it provides them with the latitude to still vote Democrat.

They are, in other words, locusts, and as Rush Limbaugh’s old phrase goes, “Liberalism is spreading misery equally.”

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