Rogue Montana court brings gavel down on injustice, and hands greenie child activists a victory

The plaintiffs were mostly children, and their lawsuit said that the state’s energy industry was depriving them of their right to life.

From an article out by Washington Monthly:

In Big Sky Country, young plaintiffs win a groundbreaking lawsuit arguing that the state’s energy industry is depriving them of the right to life, and a legal scholar explains why he’s inspired.

In a case brought by 16 young state residents, Montana District Judge Kathy Seeley ruled that the state’s pandering to the fossil fuel industry violated their rights to “live clean and healthy lives in Montana.” While the state will undoubtedly appeal to the Montana Supreme Court, this victory is a breakthrough for climate litigation.

But, something major was missing, and despite this lack of evidence, the judge ruled for the plaintiffs. So what was it?

The answer is a dead child where the cause of death was the use of oil, coal or natural gas. In fact, life expectancy has essentially doubled since we started using these natural resources since the second half of the 19th century.

Thankfully, because these children all have modern amenities and luxuries like central heat and air, asphalt, rubber tires, computers, reliable and affordable electricity, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, computers, buses, cars, planes, trucks, and thousands of other products derived from and services dependent on crude oil, they can focus on things like complaining about the energy industry, and litigating for the sake of pseudo-virtue. If we didn't use our natural resources, they would have a legitimate right to complain and sue the leftists that were depriving them of their right to life, because their quality of life would be much worse, and in fact, have the evidence to support it. (How many people have died in Europe because they couldn’t heat their homes during blistering winters thanks to greenie policies?)

Of course, the kids have been indoctrinated with the scam that humans and our natural resources are destroying the planet and killing them, so that is what they believe. There is no excuse for older adults who should know better.

Sadly, the media and other green pushers including some judges clearly don’t care about facts and we get ridiculous rulings like this.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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