Reporter asks Joe Biden why he still hasn’t been to East Palestine, Ohio

Yesterday, RNC Research, a social media account for the Republican National Committee, shared a Fox News clips in which a reporter confronted Joe Biden, and questioned why the president has yet to visit East Palestine, Ohio; after all, about six months ago Joe made the promise to visit those affected, and like he says, he gives his “word as a Biden.” Watch the clip below:

Biden said the reason he hasn’t visited East Palestine was because “there’s a lot going on” and he didn’t have any time in his busy schedule to fit in a trip to the flyover people of Ohio. Now, if Joe Biden were honest, he could have said a number of things like….

He’s too busy trying to destroy industries that use natural resources so he can pretend that he can control the climate, so he doesn’t have time to deal with an actual dangerous chemical leak.

He’s too preoccupied with supporting Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, so they can murder babies, at every stage, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

He’s too focused on trying to remember the talking points about the border invasion, to cover over the corruption that sees federal agents weld open bollard fencing to allow hordes of migrants to flow across in record numbers. 

He’s tied up with more important priorities, like destroying women’s sports and making sure mentally ill men can flaunt their male genitalia in showers and locker rooms without any social pressure to stop being perverts; that is much, much more important than an insignificant problem like poisonous chemicals spewing into the air over fertile farmland and waterways.

Joe knows a little bit about explosions, a lightning strike once caused a kitchen fire, which was much more dangerous than the Ohioans’ little spill. 

He’s busy working… on a tan at the beach home he bought with kickbacks from around the world.

Or, the most truthful answer of all, which would be an acknowledgment that he doesn’t give a hoot about Ohio or anyone else, and that the only thing he has ever cared about was using his government position to enrich himself and his family. Next question?”

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