Putting 'heat-related deaths' in perspective

Approximately 260,000 people die a month in the U.S.  Around 40 of those people died a month from natural disasters.

There were a total of 123 fatalities reported due to winter storms and cold waves in the United States in 2022. In total, there were about 466 fatalities due to natural disasters in the United States that year.

Is this using the same exaggerated method by which they counted COVID related deaths? 

Heat-related deaths:

Provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which actively tracks daily and weekly heat-related illnesses, shows that 1,714 US deaths in 2022 were due to "heat-related" causes.

One tenth of one percent of deaths in 2022 would be 3,200.  Total deaths from natural disasters and supposed heat related deaths totaled 2,180.

More than 3.2 million persons died in the United States during January–December 2022.

Should we destroy industries because politicians and bureaucrats claim they can control the climate?

Besides, there are no scientific data that show a direct link between temperatures and our consumption of natural gas, oil, and coal.  It is and has always been a scam to control our lives and transfer massive amounts of money to left-wing political supporters of Democrats. 

If Democrats really cared about people dying, they would close the border instead of  seeking to destroy our way of life and decimate the poor and middle class. 

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) documented 686 deaths and disappearances of migrants on the US-Mexico border in 2022, making it the deadliest land route for migrants worldwide on record. 

The figure represents nearly half of the 1,457 migrant deaths and disappearances recorded throughout the Americas in 2022, the deadliest year on record since IOM's Missing Migrants Project (MMP) began in 2014. 

And this doesn't count the almost 100,000 people who die each year from fentanyl and other drugs. 

Image: kie-ker via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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