One theory as to where Joe Biden got his fake names

As the House Oversight Committee recently revealed, President Joe Biden used at least three aliases in his email correspondences.  The major media, probably out of ignorance, missed the likely code embedded in those names.

In Time magazine, for instance, Brian Bennett wrote, "Joe Biden used Gmail addresses with the name 'robinware456' and 'JRBWare' during his time as Vice President.  He also used a government-issued account with the name 'Robert.L.Peters.'"  Bennett's article is titled "Here's What We Know About the Email Aliases Joe Biden Used While Vice President," but Bennett does not even guess at the meaning of the chosen names.

I suspect Bennett does not know who Whittaker Chambers is, and I would bet my house to his mailbox that he hasn't read Chambers's masterful autobiography, Witness.  As a quick refresher, during the 1930s, Chambers, an American citizen, organized spy rings of up-and-coming New Dealers eager to help him serve his Soviet masters.

In Witness, Chambers recounts how he came to see the error of his ways.  Upon being called to testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee post-war, Chambers named names, the most prominent among them being Alger Hiss, a high-ranking State Department official and the first secretary general of the United Nations.

As a result of Chambers's revelations and his own hubris, Hiss was tried and convicted of perjury and served nearly four years in a federal prison.  The Democrat-media complex never forgave Chambers or his champion in the House, Richard Nixon, for bringing Hiss to justice.

If Bennett does not know about Chambers, Biden certainly appears to.  One need only look at Chambers's page in Wikipedia — the scourge of right-wing conspiracy theories — to see the likely source of the Biden code (italics added): "[Chambers's] main handler was Josef Peters, Chambers claimed that Peters introduced him to Harold Ware ... [and] that Ware was head of a communist underground cell in Washington."

It would seem far more likely than not that that the names "Peters" and "Ware" were chosen consciously.  Based on his policies and performance, it seems altogether possible that "JRB [Joseph Robinette Biden] Ware" sees himself as the "head of a communist underground cell in Washington" in the spirit of his namesake.

Either that, or the names represent one truly bizarre inside joke.

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Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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