New study funded by the 'defense intelligence enterprise' finds national security officials with dementia could 'create a security threat'

Joe Biden has reached his expiration date, and the Deep State is preparing to dump him in the compost pile.

In a newly released study conducted by the RAND Corporation and funded by a host of entities related to the congressional–military intelligence–industrial complex, researchers posed this question: "Could Dementia in the National Security Workforce Create a Security Threat?"  Now, whom in the world do these researchers have in mind?

Let's just throw out a hypothetical: could a person with cognitive function so severely diminished that he regresses to a toddler-like state and poops his pants ahead of diplomatic talks, and gets labeled a "walking gaffe" due to his endless blunders, who also has access to nuclear codes and is supposed to be the commander-in-chief, be a threat to the safety of the citizens?  Gee, what a stumper.

How many millions of dollars did we pay for this?

From the study itself:

[W]e believe that an increasing number of cleared personnel—that is, personnel who hold or have held security clearances—have or will have dementia.

This trend might be exacerbated in the national security intelligence workforces…

The exploratory research discussed ... was undertaken to frame the issue, highlight the factors involved in dementia becoming a risk to global national security, and describe contributing risk factors; to propose a framework to assess risk; and to guide further study of this potential threat.

An insider threat is the potential for an individual to use their authorized access, intentionally or unintentionally, to harm their organization. ... An individual who holds a Top Secret security clearance who develops dementia and unwittingly shares government secrets is an insider threat.

The report also noted that dementia isn't the only thing to be concerned about regarding the "trustworthiness" of our U.S. national security officials, and highlighted that an "adverse drug reaction" or conditions "such as a brain tumor or a stroke" should elicit the same skepticism.  YOU DON'T SAY...

We've been subjected to Biden with his endless groping and sniffing, gaffes, and invented words; Dianne Feinstein, who looks like a corpse and has to be told how to vote by her aides; Mitch McConnell and his freaky freeze-ups; John Fetterman's opening "hi, goodnight everybody" debate line; Kamala Harris's favorite dish, the "word salad"; and Hillary Clinton's spontaneous trembling and Kuru disease–like weird fits of laughter.  This is offensive, and the idea that this would evolve into "further study" is a sick joke.  (Just one more brick in the wall of the literally innumerable bricks of examples of wasteful government spending.)

Of course, we all know exactly at whom this study is aimed: Joe Biden.  Just a few days back, American Thinker contributor Marcus Ebenhack penned a blog post discussing his conclusion that "the deep state is through with Joe Biden."  Ebenhack rightfully inferred that when David Ignatius suggested that Biden "should not run again," it wasn't because that was an independent thought on behalf of Ignatius; rather, the Deep State is ready for a new puppet.  When you look at the study's source of funding, you find the root benefactor, the "defense intelligence enterprise," or colloquially...the Deep State.

As Ebenhack said:

But make no mistake, this is a seismic shift that represents a major crack in the deep state wall that has been hiding Joe Biden's blatant and shameless corruption from the American people and electorate for decades.

Undoubtedly, Deep State assets, both animate (Ignatius, Barack Obama) and institutional (CIA, FBI, DOJ), are done with Joe Biden, and given the language of the study...probably a few others, too.

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