Leeds Festival attendees leave behind an apocalyptic scene of trash and debris

What do we know about one of England’s biggest music gatherings, the Leeds Festival? Well for starters, the official website includes a whole section on the organizers’ dedication to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and “staying green” so naturally, this is what the grounds at Bramham Park looked like once the festivities wrapped up:

And this:

Now, the math ain’t mathin’ because according to a prominent “experience” blog, a large portion of Leeds Festival patrons are millennials and Gen Z’ers (nearly four out of five) and per a multitude of online resources, including Pew Research Center, the World Economic Forum, Nasdaq, CNBC, and Forbes, we’ve been told that millennials, but especially Gen Z’ers, are the most eco-conscious generations among us! See a sampling of headlines below:

  • Gen Z, Millennials Stand Out for Climate Change Activism, Social Media Engagement With Issue
  • Gen Z cares about sustainability more than anyone else – and is starting to make others feel the same
  • How Millennials and Gen Z Are Driving Growth Behind ESG
  • The environment is Gen Z’s No. 1 concern – and some companies are taking advantage of that
  • Gen Z Is Emerging As The Sustainability Generation

Are these the same squawking parrots insisting I surrender my right to move about freely via a personal vehicle? Are they the “activists” that demand I stop consuming my grass-fed beef and raw dairy and eat literal bugs instead? Are they the useful idiots that support “phasing out” industries that provide “dirty” energy in favor of “clean” energy? Are they the shrill voices on social media urging me to believe that there is an existential environmental threat, and we need to do everything possible to save the planet from the destructive practices of humanity? If so, that’s rich.

I will concede to one point: there is an existential threat to the inalienable rights endowed to all of humanity, and that is leftism, which is perfectly summed up by someone in the comments, coming to the defense of the attendees who had no choice but to leave their garbage and debris scattered across the green lawns of the park when they vacated. X user Ava Garden Wilder with the Pride flag and “She/Her” in her profile said:

Solution: PROVIDE SEVERAL LARGE BINS FOR THE CROWDS!! I always see ‘look how people left a mess’ and there’s always one thing in common, NO TRASH BINS! They do provide small ones that over flow very quickly. But that’s not good enough with large crowds.

What else were these festival-goers supposed to do? Haul out everything they brought in?

With leftists, there’s no sense of personal responsibility, because it’s always somebody else’s fault. It’s the baby’s fault for the inconvenience of an unplanned pregnancy, not the parents who engaged in casual sex; it’s the “institutionalized racism” of American values that prevents inner city children from learning to read or write, not the policies of Democrats that forbid school choice, turn traditional education into queer indoctrination, and introduce “equitable” grading standards to allow certain children to pass even when they cheat and fail assignments; and of course, it’s the Leeds Festival organizers’ fault for failing to provide adequate dumping facilities, not the scum bum consumers who generated the trash.

Image from X.

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