Juan Williams reminds us that he’s a bogus journalist

It is pathetic that we’re still subjected to Juan Williams coming across the airwaves at Fox News or anywhere else. A man that supported impeaching President Trump for wanting Ukraine to investigate allegations of serious corruption now says an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden’s trips around the world extorting and collecting money for his family is bogus—this man is not a serious journalist.

Yesterday, The Hill published a guest editorial by Williams, arguing that if the House Republicans are going to wage a “sham” impeachment, then why not embrace all the other “sham” allegations? (Nothing like the predictable slip into logical fallacy, this time the reductio ad absurdum.) From his essay:

If we have to have a bogus impeachment inquiry, why not make it a big one?

House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry is plainly a sham — a modern-day Star Chamber. My question to right-wingers is, why stop at Hunter-gate?

Why not expand the scope of the investigation to President Biden’s role into other nothingburger inquiries of recent vintage, such as Benghazi, Hillary Clinton’s emails, Solyndra and Lois Lerner?

Let’s look at what Williams considers a “nothingburger.”

On Benghazi, Barack Obama as president and Clinton as the Secretary of State, didn’t lift a finger when Americans were under attack by terrorists. Instead they concocted lies to protect their political power. They dispatched Susan Rice to engage the complicit media and spread the lie that the terrorist attack was caused by a video. It is a true shame that Williams, Obama, and Clinton cared more about an upcoming election than they did about Americans dying.

On Clinton’s emails, Hillary allegedly violated the law and certainly the standard of ethics by maintaining a private server with classified documents. Instead of letting investigators see what she had, she destroyed the computers and the emails. Now, Williams, the Justice Department, and other Democrats, including the media, pretend they care about the security of classified information, but only regarding Trump.

On Solyndra, Williams doesn’t care that Obama and Biden handed out massive taxpayer dollars to political supporters at a terrible expense to the people. (The current “green” kickbacks like those in the Inflation Reduction Act are a continuation of this scheme.)

On Lois Lerner, Williams sees nothing wrong with Obama using the deep state at the IRS to target political opponents. Apparently lying to Congress is acceptable, as well as destroying computers and documents to get rid of any and all evidence of alleged criminal behavior. How pathetic is that, all while they beg for more money?

The media lied for years about Russian collusion. They lied that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, and now they lie that there is no evidence that Biden lined his family’s pockets with kickbacks.

Summary: The media will lie to destroy Republicans and will lie to cover up pure corruption of Democrats; this makes them worthless and dangerous to our survival as a great, prosperous, and free country. No wonder corruption is so rampant when we have leftists in the media who are so adamant about covering it up.

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