Is Joe preparing to run his wife for 2024?

Wednesday's Cabinet meeting was most interesting. After a minute of introduction, President Biden turned the meeting over to his wife Jill, who continued to run it.  This allows us a glimpse into the Democrat presidential strategy for 2024: run Jill Biden. 

In order for Jill to win the Democrat nomination for president, she needs to do several important things:

1. Box out Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Gavin Newsom. 

2. Maintain DNC support for Joe.

3. Keep Democrat contributors in line.

4. Do more and more of the president's job now.

Jill can accomplish these objectives by keeping Joe in the race in order to stop Kamala, Michelle, and Gavin from attracting sufficient Democrat party resources.  Notice that all three are keeping their heads low.  From now until the convention, if any Democrat breaks ranks and starts to look presidential, he will be branded a traitor and effectively excommunicated.  So Joe needs to continue to make noises as if he is going to run. 

At the appropriate moment, at the Democrat National Convention Joe will announce that he will step aside for the good of the Party (due to impeachment or Hunter issues) and then pledge his votes to Jill.  All Joe Biden has to do to ensure that Jill Biden becomes the first female president is to stay alive.  That's why he's taking it super-easy now. 

Jill Biden would present a formidable political challenge to Donald Trump, the likely Republican candidate.  She is somewhat attractive, she is generally likeable, and she sounds reasonable to some extent.  Backed by the Democrat vote-getting machine, Jill Biden could become president and cement a Biden Family dynasty, keeping Joe and Hunter out of trouble, for the next four years.  And if Joe passes while Jill is president, she gets the sympathy vote and a landslide victory in 2028.


Image: Yahoo Finance via YouTube, CC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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