Is it time to start prepping?

How much time do we have left before the Marxists eliminate our constitutional rights and freedoms?

There is less time left than you may imagine.  The late summer of 2024 will most likely be the tipping point.  Look for these four bright lines that, when crossed, will inform you that our Republic is on life support, and that the "do not resuscitate" order has been signed, notarized, and posted on the defibrillator next to the gurney.

  1. The presidential nominee of the Marxist-Leninist Lizard Overlord party will not have gone through the traditional state-by-state primary process and is simply anointed during the M-LLO convention.  Possibly nominees would include Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett.
  2. China invades and conquers Taiwan, without any significant military intervention from the United States.  We will definitively know that Biden, the M-LLO's drooling marionette, is still safely in the pay of the Chinese government.
  3. Climate hysteria becomes so amped up by the MSM that the M-LLOs are "forced" to declare a national emergency and enforce lockdowns on personal travel.  This will also kick off the rationing of energy resources throughout the country, based upon your personal  social credit score — all to save our planet from burning to a crisp in 137 years.
  4. Gun violence hysteria becomes so amped up by the MSM that the M-LLOs are "forced" to declare a national emergency.  They will then begin confiscating all firearms in private hands — all to save our families from being murdered by the law-abiding citizens of this country.

What should I be doing to prepare my family for these difficult times, where water, shelter, energy, medicine, and food will be difficult to obtain in the open market?

There are a lot of good books on prepping for a national disaster, either weather-related or politically motivated.  There are also a lot of poorly written and poorly researched books out there.  Be thoughtful in your choices.  Here are the essential items I believe you and your family need to address in the coming tough times.

  1. Water sources and water filtration.  You will need a minimum of 2 gallons of drinking water per soul per day.
  2. Shelter.  This should be located 1–2 hours' travel time outside urban and suburban metros.
  3. Non-perishable food.  You will need 2,000 calories per soul per day with a healthy ratio of carbs, protein, and fat.
  4. Prescription meds.  Talk to you doctor and somehow finagle a three-year supply of all your non-perishable meds.  Perishable meds are a more difficult issue to resolve.
  5. Personal hygiene supplies.
  6. Ten like-minded adults willing to work hard together and to defend the shelter and its souls.
  7. 2A hardware.  Never come up empty.
  8. Comms.  Have multiple backup and power for all comm devices.
  9. Electrical systems and chargers.  Solar-powered, and multiple redundancy is essential.
  10. Barter stuff.  Booze, tobacco products, OTC meds, instant coffee, batteries, Bic lighters.  Barter food.
  11.  Metal tools.  Axes, knives, saws, etc.
  12.  Home Depot stuff.  Lumber, screws, nails, tarps, rope, duct tape, glue, gloves, concrete, etc.
  13.  Replacement clothes, shoes, boots, socks, undergarments, jackets, and hats.
  14.  Shiny metals.
  15.  Transport.  Trucks, motorcycles, fuel, and spare parts.

Yes, this can be an overwhelming task list. Bringing in other family members, and trusted friends, to split up the costs and time requirements will lower everyone's anxiety.

Start today. One small step at a time.

Image via Pixabay.

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