In Staten Island, spontaneous protests against migrant dumping

In Staten Island, it's happening.

There's a spontaneous grassroots uprising against migrants being shifted around to their part of New York City, with the actions to block buses a bit more than stern warnings.

Here are some Twitter videos:





It calls to mind the Murrieta protests of 2014, which was a similarly situated community being subject to migrant dumping by the big blue cities and at the time President Obama's lax border enforcement. I went to those protests at the time, and found a lot of up and striving legal immigrants and people of color who had bought their first homes and were just hanging on and wanted to protect their safe and friendly conservative community of 100,000 or so. I found black homeowners, Iranian legal immigrants in professional jobs, legal Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants who were homemakers as part of two-parent families, and other decent people who are the salt of the earth, the American dream personified yet anything but the cossetted elites. They were concerned about imported crime, overwhelmed social services, the impact on public education, and the trash and mess of those who have crossed into the U.S. illegally, all of which they knew they would pay for. In Murrieta, they explicitly felt that the Obama administration was targeting them for the dumps because they generally voted Republican. "We don't want to be Pomona," as one told me.

It's a fair guess that the Staten Island protestors may have similar profiles.

According to today's New York Post, the public mood in New York is this:

The grim data on New York’s slide into nonlivability keep arriving. 

The latest numbers can be found in a Siena poll: Some 57% of New Yorkers think life here is getting worse. 

That includes 43% of Democrats, with only 22% saying it’s getting better. 

These ugly results hold across racial lines, with 60% of Latinos, 58% of whites and 50% of blacks saying it’s getting worse. 

There are two causes for it:

A huge majority, 73%, say crime is a major problem (including 64% of Dems); similar majorities also agree across racial and class lines. 

Some 62% say the migrant influx is a major problem.

Migrants. It's so bad it's got them protesting. We see some of this going on in Europe, too.

What's vivid here is that these are the kind of people who have always been seen as the silent majority, the slow to anger groups that channeled their political feelings into their votes and carried on life as normal. Now that New York has so badly mismanaged its migrant influx, still refusing to end its sanctuary city status as well as "right to shelter" laws, they're trying to fob the problem they've created out to the outer boroughs, where they assume nobody will pay attention.

Well, they are paying attention, and taking to the streets. If the Staten Island people can be doing this, then this is far from the last of such protests as Joe Biden's open borders are getting worse than ever. Not only is a Trump vote being activated, it's becoming visible.

That's a tip of the iceberg, and very bad news for the Biden administration.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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