I support Vivek — but I will not vote for him

To paraphrase Poseur Biden, "I mean, you got the first mainstream Indian-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.  I mean, that's a storybook, man." 

Vivek sure is.  He projects an image that is bright, energetic, affable, patient, confident, thoughtful, creative.  He is a serious thinker.  He is a problem-solver.  He is a success.  He is a straight shooter.  His policies are, by and large, pretty darned good.  And even though I do not want to have his children, he remains a superb candidate for office.

But not good enough for me. 

My gripe with him is that he has to be better than our (arguably) greatest president of modern times, Donald J. Trump. 

V.R. knows this and markets himself accordingly: "Vivek's 25 Policy Commitments to Take America First further than Trump."  But knowing and committing are not the same as being able to do. 

Vivek has a record of great ideas with great communication skills.  But no beef

He would be a great president — in theory.  The guy simply has not been tested in the cauldron of politics.  He has held no political office, he has not had to deal with the political opposition in governance, he has not had to suffer the insults and pressures of the public and media and still hold true to his positions.  He is untested.  He may fold under the weight like a cheap suit, even if his are bespoke. 

Now, some may say that DJT was similarly untested, and he did well for a newbie.  I would argue otherwise, but that is mooted by his time in office.  DJT is tried and true.  He took shots for us.  He suffered for us.  He fought for us.  He made promises to us and kept them under the most adverse conditions imaginable.  He did not crumble.  Instead, he trumped the opposition.  He prevailed for us.  He is absolutely correct that they are coming for us and he stands in their way. 

Trump is a proven leader who leads from the front and protects those following. 

Unless he is the last candidate standing for the Republicans, Vivek will not get my vote until he proves himself capable in the domain of politics.  Whether this involves running for a lower office (a sign that he is committed to the USA and willing to work his way up to the presidency) or accepting a role in Trump's administration (which I hope will be offered him), I do not much care. 

He just has to show me that he can take the heat and not melt. 

Assuming no better choice coming down the pike, I sincerely hope that a time will come when Vivek the Conqueror will ascend to become the CEO of the USA — after he has proven his mettle. 

Until then, for me, it is DJT. 

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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