Hamlet ponders: To impeach or not to impeach?

A particularly welcome benefit of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s announcement that inquiries will soon begin into whether President Biden should be impeached, is that the mainstream media now have to cover it and abandon their virtual blackout of the entire package of Biden family corruption scandals. Perhaps the most obvious example of media bias thus far has been their collective silence on the various pay-for-play operations that began during the Obama presidency.

Banking on the public’s assumed ignorance of the subject, Biden’s defenders are screaming from the rooftops that “There’s no evidence” of any misdeeds. However, expecting CBS and the New York Times to still have working monopolies on the flow of information is no longer a winning tactic.

Just airing Biden’s dirty laundry may well be damaging enough, while the formality of an actual impeachment may evoke increased sympathy among his remaining supporters, as it did on a larger scale with Pres. Trump’s impeachments. Also, we may be on the verge of establishing the unpleasant pattern of impeaching presidents just because their party lost control over the House of Representatives. In the 236 years since the founding of our republic, there have been four impeachments (counting both of Trump’s) and none have resulted in a conviction.

Speculation is also afoot that Biden’s own party is getting behind his elimination as a candidate for next year -- but for reasons other than corruption (wink, wink). The problem being that they have a particularly weak bullpen when it comes to finding a viable substitute. California’s governor Gavin Hair Gel remains at the top of the list even though he ostensibly just took himself out of the running. C’mon… he only meant to vaccinate himself from being branded as a usurper. He’d gladly let himself be dragged kicking and screaming onto the top of the ticket.

Had the lamestream news media provided at least a minimally adequate coverage of the Biden grift machine, there’d be no need to talk of impeachment. But such is not the case. Those who readily swallow the “There’s no evidence” drivel reveal in explicit visibility the true nature of the divide that bedevils today’s America. Some folks only accept informational input that conforms to their pre-existing idea of what reality is supposed to be. In other words, they already know what they’re supposed to hear. Anything else is dismissed as hostile propaganda. The other folks approach all input with healthy skepticism, and weigh it against established facts and perhaps other likely possibilities. Unlike the first group, the second group has no desire to conform to anything except objectivity.

If I were Biden, I wouldn’t worry about getting kicked out of office… at least until November of next year. Not only would the Senate pass on the opportunity, as it always has done before, but Biden has an ironclad anti-impeachment and 25th Amendment insurance policy. We call her Kamala.

Image: Ted Eytan

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