Dove’s spokeswoman Zyahna Bryant offers an important insight into a leftist goal

Dove went woke 20 years ago, but it doubled down by hiring BLM and “fat liberation activist” Zyahna Bryant. Bryant made a name for herself in 2020 with her damaging, race-based attacks on Morgan Bettinger. For that reason, there’s a growing Boycott against Dove. Bryant’s Dove video, however, is a useful insight into America’s societal collapse.

Dove, founded in 1957 in America but now part of the British brand, Unilever, grew on its promise that it won’t dry your skin like ordinary soap will. This marked a change from pre-1957 soap products that still had their roots in lye. As the years passed, Dove lost its unique place in the market because most soaps today contain emollients that won’t dry your skin. Dove was faced with a problem: It had to rebrand itself. It went for the woke.

In 2004, Dove decided to stop using obvious models to advertise its soaps and to start using models who aligned with real customers. Its “Campaign for Real Beauty” wasn’t a bad idea. Indeed, it was a very good idea, first, because it won awards and, second, because it helped sales.

Heartened by the campaign’s success, Dove went down the diversity pathway with mixed results. In 2011, it allegedly made the mistake of using a black woman in the “before” picture and a white woman in the “after” picture. In 2017, it created an ad that was meant to show that women of all races are Dove sisters under the skin but, instead, it managed to offend the usual suspects. Dove, of course, groveled.

Image: Zyahna Bryant. Twitter screen grab.

By now, Dove is aggressively woke. If you go to its “about” page, a rough count says that 85% of the women pictured are minorities. It’s not just that, though. Dove has also hopped onto the gender diversity bandwagon: “We care about all women, female-identifying and non-binary people.” Dove, it’s not just for women anymore.

On the same page, Dove promotes its “research into the real truth about beauty,” explains that it’s “taking on the world of gaming,” talks about “hair pride” for black women (which really is an important issue in the black community), promises that it’s “breaking down narrow beauty stereotypes,” and so much more. The latest breakdown in beauty stereotypes came when Dove hired Zyahna Bryant, a “fat liberation activist,” to do an Instagram post to promote its product.

The “fat acceptance” or “fat liberation” movement is meant to make people who have excess avoirdupois feel comfortable in their own skin. The problem, of course, is that obesity is objectively unhealthy, so the fat liberation movement is like encouraging people to smoke cigarettes.

The movement has a racial component because Black women have problems with obesity, with disastrous effects on their health. If you urge them to lose weight, you’re being racist. But if you celebrate their weight, you’re killing them. For those who care about a healthy black community, it’s a lose-lose proposition.

Bryant has other baggage. During the height of the George Floyd BLM riots, this proud BLM activist attacked a University of Virginia college student whose academic career, life goals, and mental health were destroyed when UVA happily used Bryant’s statements to kick Morgan Bettinger off campus. Bettinger has sued UVA, and we can only hope her suit is as successful as the suit Gibson Baker filed against Oberlin.

No wonder, then, that there’s a rising boycott against Dove because of its partnering with Bryant, just as there was against Bud Light for partnering with Dylan Mulvaney. Both companies have chosen as their public faces people who symbolize the attack on American norms and ordinary Americans.

And speaking of the attack on American norms, there’s a fascinating nugget at the very beginning of Bryant’s Dove video:

Did you catch that? “We should be center the voices and experiences of the most marginalized people and communities at all time.” That means inverting the societal bell curve, which is a recipe for collapse.

This is what the normal societal bell curve looks like:

A healthy society doesn’t discriminate against the outliers, but it doesn’t centralize them either. It focuses on the well-being of the norm. However, what the left wants is to move the outliers to the center of society:

A society cannot function if all of its energies, laws, and resources are given to the margins, whether it’s encouraging women to be dangerously fat, attacking people on racial grounds, or relentlessly celebrating statistically deviant sexuality (e.g., at the White House, in classrooms, or with “awareness” days littering the calendar). 

Putting aside Dove’s offensive obsession with race and aberrant genders, I’m actually grateful for Byrant’s explicit statement about what leftists really want to do for our society: They want to turn it upside down, making it a minority-controlled nightmare for the majority of ordinary people—people of all races, colors, creeds, etc.—who are just trying to live their lives.

UPDATE: I was reminded of this 1931 video. You won't be seeing the likes of this again:

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