Did we need a UN report to learn this?

Thank God that the UN is spending its time talking about the U.S.-Mexico border.  Maybe the Democrats can read their report.  This is the story:

The US-Mexico border is the world's deadliest land migration route -- with hundreds losing their lives and going missing while attempting to make perilous crossings.

The International Organization for Migration documented 686 deaths and disappearances among migrants on the US-Mexico frontier last year -- but the actual figure is likely higher due missing data.

A total of 1,457 fatalities were recorded along migration routes in the Americas in 2022 -- marking the deadliest year on record in the region since at least 2014, when the agency first started documenting deaths and disappearances.

The report points out that the border deaths include 105 females, 468 males, and 29 minors.  No discrimination here. Come at a very high risk. And 105 women? Any comments rom the feminists? Or 29 minors? Any speeches from Beto O'Rourke?

This report is not a shock for those paying attention.  I hear stories about deaths from Border Patrol Agents or people who live on the border. They see the dead bodies floating on the river or hear from migrants about the corpses seen along the away.

Would those deaths be occurring if the Biden Administration had kept Remain in Mexico in place?  The answer is no.  It was the "open borders" message that put all of these people on a path to death.

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