Boston’s mayor declares ‘heat emergency’ for high-80s summer day

The reputation of “politician” precedes any civil servant, so right off the bat, I hold a less-than-flattering bias against those entering government (to put it mildly); it’s a “guilty until proven innocent” prejudice, but I will say, it’s evenly applied.

Then last week, Michelle Wu, Boston’s hardcore leftist mayor, opened her big mouth and showed (again) just how right on the money one can be when you operate under the assumption that ineptitude and uselessness are shared traits amongst elected officials.

On September 7th, Wu declared a “heat emergency” saying temperatures were expected to reach into the… ready for this? The nineties. (Turns out, Thursday the 7th peaked at 89°F and Friday reached 88°F.) From the Boston government’s press release:

‘The impacts of climate change are more palpable than ever, with extreme heat posing risk to our communities,’ said Mayor Michelle Wu. ‘Although extreme heat affects Bostonians of all ages, with the new school year starting, our Boston Public Schools staff will be following protocols to ensure our kids have an enjoyable, safe first week back at school.’

Barely out of August on the East Coast? That’s still summer, and these are normal summer temperatures. Let me guess, could one confuse “safe” back-to-school “protocols” with a mock climate lockdown of sorts? People, in this case children, padlocked inside, out of the fresh (albeit warm) air, under toxic EMF-emitting LED lights, stagnant and very inactive—two words come to mind: predictive programming.

Wu’s statement continued, noting that the city would staff “cooling centers” at 15 community centers, and she also included a list of “safety tips” on how to deal with warmer temperatures. Among the tips you could find sage advice like “stay hydrated” and “wear appropriate clothing” and “keep cool with … shade, and air conditioning or fans.”

Oh! So on summer days we’re not supposed to drink as little water as possible, and we shouldn’t don scarves and overcoats all while standing outside in the heat of the day? And if we get hot, the best way to cool down is to avoid direct sunlight? Or turn on a fan or an air conditioner? Well I’ll be!

What about swimming? Should I make sure to take breaths or just stay at the bottom of the pool?

When I have a bonfire for s’mores, should I stand in the fire or beside it to roast my marshmallows?

If there’s lightning outside, should I grab a metal pole and stand in an open field or wait out the storm from inside my house?

Say I need to cross a busy street… Do I wait until the cars are stopped or should I go while they’re moving?

Without the nanny state, how could we ever figure these things out all on our own?

How much did this whole stunt cost? How much did Bostonians pay for a government staff so unnecessary and idle that their best attempt for relevancy amounts to one of the most asinine statements I’ve ever read? How much did it cost the taxpayers to run more than a dozen “cooling centers” for a normal summer day, all because the mayor has an obvious addiction to leftist “climate change” fear porn.

Here’s some legitimate sage advice, literally coming from the Book of Wisdom:

Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

Wu, saturated in her own nonsense, could have actually passed as a “wise” woman… if only she went about her life quietly and basically in silence. But she entered politics, and left no room for doubt that she does in fact have monstrous intellectual deficiencies… which is probably exactly why she felt equipped for a role in government.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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