Border Patrol sticks it to the sanctuary cities

The Border Patrol, which remains focused on its mission and is generally less corrupted than the rest of the federal workforce, has a little something to say to all the sanctuary cities out there:



Sure, it was done by the Border Patrol union, and not the agency itself. But it pretty well indicates what the rank and file are thinking.

That may be why we are seeing strange videos like these, this time in San Diego, which has become the latest dumping ground for Joe Biden's catch-and-release:









It may be that the Border Patrol doesn't even care anymore. They've been demoralized and spat on by their ultimate commander in the White House who clearly doesn't want them to do the job they are trained and committed to do, so their next step is to just dump migrants in deep blue sanctuary cities and let what happens, happen. If they can't enforce the law, they can make the leftist preventing them from doing their job pay.

In a world run by Joe Biden, that is the next best thing.

Image: Twitter screen shot



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