A blunt and chilling (but accurate) appraisal of where our government schools are taking us

When I came across this X thread written by John Hayward of Breitbart (hat tip: Ace of Spades Headquarters), I was deeply impressed by its use of language and the scope of its overview.  Like many conservatives, I have come around to the view that the takeover of government schools by the revolutionary left is dooming out constitutional republic, unless parents rise up, their consciousness raised by the outrageous overreach underway and their view of the indoctrination underway during online classes for the lockdown, primarily but not exclusively related to indoctrination of pliable and confused children into life-altering steps toward transsexual status.

Hayward uses nomenclature right out of Soviet and Chinese communist practice, identifying the enemy as "The Party."  Despite its formal name, there is nothing at all democratic about the political party that controls the White House, the Senate, almost all government bureaucracies, almost all educational and cultural institutions, and the vast majority of major corporations.  Antonio Gramsci laid out the strategy that has been successfully implemented, and now The Party is ready to fully implement its plan for hegemony.

The first Trump presidency set them into a panic, which may provide the saving grace, as they are overreaching before "the masses" (we) have been fully demoralized, propagandized, and relegated to ineffectuality.

The first tweet in Hayward's thread gets right to the point:

If the Dems win in 2024, you lose your kids. It's just that simple. The Dem Party is all-in on the idea that the State owns your children and can indoctrinate, or even physically modify, them as it sees fit, without your consent or even knowledge. The Party is very clear on this.

He then takes a step back to provide context, again scoring a bullseye:

It's absolutely abhorrent that Americans pay astronomical sums to finance an incredibly expensive public education system that horrendously underperforms on education — and good parents also have to learn how to protect their kids from extremist indoctrination in schools.

His third tweet then offers a glimpse of the perhaps fatal error The Party made in the lockdown, which was necessary to justify the unconstitutional election changes that ensured Trump would be defeated.

The pandemic was a wake-up call in more ways than one. Parents finally got to see what their kids were being taught during the lockdowns, and they rightly recoiled in horror. It touched off the biggest grassroots rebellion in a decade.

I'll quote only two more tweets to demonstrate Hayward's clarity:

Young people and their families will be dealing with the fallout from that lockdown horror show for decades to come - and absolutely no one has been held accountable for it. Totalitarians don't DO accountability. The all-encompassing State does not admit error or malfeasance.

Now we're hearing Democrats explicitly declare that children are State property. They're literally saying it's an outrage that parents should even be INFORMED about how their children are indoctrinated, drugged, and surgically altered. That's "outing" the kids, don't you know!

There are fourteen tweets in total on the thread, and each is a concise gem.  I urge you to read the whole thing at this link.  My congratulations to John Hayward for an excellent contribution to our ongoing understanding of the coup from above currently underway.

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