Woke leftists object to Catholic school LGBT policy

Woke leftists are outraged that a Catholic school district has enacted policies contrary to the teachings of the Church of Wokeness.

Catholic school officials have the unmitigated audacity, the gall, to insist that Catholic schools teach their students according to Catholic religious doctrine.  How dare they impose their values on the people who are imposing their values on us?

Freedom of religion, say the opponents of freedom of religion, does not include the right to freely practice one's religion. That right is restricted to only the social left.

Among the outrageous policies being forced upon everyone is forbidding males from showering with females in school facilities.  Girls should get comfortable showering with boys.  The boys, on the other hand, should not be forced to shower with boys.  It's unfair and discriminatory.

Quoting from the actual school statement (not parody), "The diocese stresses in its new policy that sex and gender are both inseparable and immutable; "sexuality is ordered to the conjugal love of a man and a woman within the bond of marriage"; marriage is exclusively for straight couples; and it would "not serve anyone's greater good by falsifying the truth, for it is only the truth that frees us for the full life that God offers to each of us."

What?  Where do they get this crazy stuff?  Don't they know that Judaism and Christianity are from the Bronze Age?  The Church has to adapt to the changing times, and forget all this nonsense about sin and the need for divine guidance.  We have governments to handle those sorts of things.  The Declaration of Independence clearly states that we get our rights from the government, if we beg hard enough, not from some Creator (that nobody elected in a rigged election).

Quoting from TheBlaze, "The diocese's insistence that its Catholic schools and the roughly 9,000 students therein hold fast and true to church teaching has enraged LGBT activists and other radical leftists, who have taken to protest and called the policy 'an act of violence.'"

The radical left, of course, never engages in violence, but only in mostly peaceful demonstrations, where they burn down buildings and massacre Christian students and teachers.

Quoting again from TheBlaze, "Finally, the policy makes clear that this rejection of gender ideology and the LGBT agenda is not simply a matter of faith, but based on realities 'also knowable through the use of properly functioning senses and right reason.'"

Returning to seriousness, the last part of the preceding is profoundly important: realities "also knowable through the use of properly functioning senses and right reason."  The woke left seems to lack "properly functioning senses and right reason."

Image: Darkmoon_Art via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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