Why are Democrats so intent on killing people?

A nurse in London was evil and properly sentenced to life for intentionally killing vulnerable newborn babies. 

A former neonatal nurse convicted of murdering seven babies in her care and trying to kill six others at a hospital in northern England was sentenced Monday to life in prison with no chance of release by a judge who said she was cruel, cunning and callous, and acted with "malevolence bordering sadism."

Letby sickened babies by injecting intravenous lines with air, poisoning some with insulin and force-feeding others milk. After killing them, she sometimes sobbed in grief, made keepsakes for parents and bathed the little bodies and dressed them for burial.

"I don't think we will ever get over the fact that our daughter was tortured till she had no fight left in her and everything she went through over her short life was deliberately done by someone who was supposed to protect her and help her come home where she belonged," the mother of a girl identified as Child I said in a statement read in court.

So why is it perfectly OK with the media and other Democrats for Planned Parenthood to intentionally let fully developed babies die if the woman and her family don't want the baby?

From ten years ago:

Infanticide OK, Planned Parenthood rep says

Infanticide should be an option when a baby survives a failed abortion, a Planned Parenthood spokeswoman told stunned Florida legislators recently.

Addressing a House of Representatives subcommittee March 27, Alisa LaPolt Snow said the fate of a baby born alive after an attempted abortion should be left to "the woman, her family and the physician."

What should politicians who vote against giving health care to the most vulnerable among us and intentionally let the babies die be called?  Why would we trust Democrats to make decisions for health care for the rest of us when they will just let babies die?  I am sure the number of deaths is much greater than the seven killed by the nurse. 

All but two Texas Democrats vote against Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Babies that survived an abortion are considered a legal person and entitled to protections of all U.S. laws, according to the bill, which would require abortion facilities and medical providers to provide medical care to babies born alive after a failed abortion as they would any other newborn.

Why is it perfectly fine for people at an abortion mill to just let a baby die, while women who intentionally or unintentionally let a baby die can be charged with murder?  Shouldn't all humans have the same rights?

I thought the media and other Democrats believed in equal treatment under the law. 

Kelsey Carpenter was alone in her San Diego apartment when she went into labor on 14 November 2020.

The mother of two had planned a home birth for her third child. But the baby came two weeks earlier than expected, so she delivered on her own, then passed out, records show. When she awoke, her newborn – whom she named Kiera – was not breathing. Despite her attempts at CPR, the baby did not survive.

Police soon after arrested Carpenter, 33. The San Diego district attorney is moving forward with charges of murder "with malice" and child endangerment and has cited her decision to have an "unattended delivery"

We are constantly told by the media and other Democrats that the public support the Democrats' position on abortion, which is clearly abortion on demand at all stages of a pregnancy and even letting the baby die in a botched abortion.  That is clearly not true. 

In a Gallup poll, 37% support abortion after thirteen weeks, and 22% after 26 weeks.  That is a far cry from what the public is told.  Why doesn't the media report that poll?  The answer is that they don't care. 

When asked about the legality of abortion at different stages of pregnancy, about two-thirds of Americans say it should be legal in the first trimester (69%), while support drops to 37% for the second trimester and 22% for the third. Majorities oppose abortion being legal in the second (55%) and third (70%) trimesters.

My guess is that very few people would ever support withholding health care from a newborn child. 

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