Truth is essential to a functioning democratic republic, which is why the left manipulates it

A democratic republic cannot work when a corrupt politician holds allegiance to interests other than those of the electorate. The media’s primary role should be to expose that corruption to the American people. Instead, today, the Washington Post continued the cover-up, confessing to Biden’s small crimes while ignoring his treasonous ones.

Biden is slowly but steadily being exposed as a liar about something fundamental to his presidency. His fundamental lie has been that he has denied to the American people that he was in business with his son, with the two men receiving millions from governments and companies with interests antithetical to America. Leftists must do damage control and, funnily enough, the Washington Post’s damage control came out on the same day as a conservative article lambasting the media for ignoring Biden’s lies.

On the conservative side, writing at The Federalist, Mark Hemingway published a well-sourced, very detailed essay about Biden’s lies and the media’s cover-up. The title and subtitle tell the story:

If The Media Insisted On Calling Trump A Liar, That Standard Must Be Applied To Biden’s Corruption Lies

One of the distinguishing features of Trump’s presidency was an aggressive press corps that felt obligated to call out Trump’s ‘lies’ — so why won’t they apply this same standard to Biden who is inarguably a world-class liar?

The article opens with past headlines from the MSM insisting that Trump was and is a liar. I’ve got my own take, which is that Trump “puffs.”

Image (edited) by standret.

In advertising, “puffery” means making claims that are obvious exaggerations, such as saying your toilet paper is “the best toilet paper ever.” That’s how Trump operates, as he boasts about his “perfect” phone calls or his “magnificent” whatever it is. So far as I know—and Trump’s certainly had the media scrutinizing his every utterance—Trump has never lied about things consequential to American politics.

Meanwhile, writes Hemingway, Biden has a long history of blatant lies. That is, he doesn’t exaggerate with terms like “huge” or “perfect” or “greatest.” He just lies about facts.

Many of Biden’s lies are self-promoting (such as the false claim that he graduated at the top of his class at law school or the risible assertion that he terrified that “bad dude” Corn Pop), but a lot of his lies have important political resonance. As noted, we’re learning the truth regarding his lies about his dealings with his son, especially when it comes to Ukraine, including Biden’s own boast about getting Victor Shokin fired.

You’ve probably already been tracking Biden’s consequential political lies, so I recommend you read Hemingway’s article for any lies or details you’ve forgotten.

What matters for the purpose of this post is Hemingway’s core point, which is that the same media that couldn’t stand Trump’s bloviating and had to make up their own lies about him (“Russia! Russia! Russia!”) keep ignoring every Biden deviation from truth, whether about Corn Pop or Ukraine.

But here’s what’s so funny: On the same day Hemingway called out the media, Glenn Kessler, at the Washington Post, finally admitted that Biden does have a little bit of a “credibility” problem…but only when it comes to inconsequential personal stories. The word “lie” shows up only once, when Kessler says Biden’s critics alleged that he had “lied.”

Just as was true with Hemingway’s article, Kessler’s title tells the tale: “Biden loves to retell certain stories. Some aren’t credible.” See, they’re just a little hard to believe. They’re not really lies.

Kessler is careful to avoid any mention of Hunter Biden. Instead, Kessler addresses only Biden’s personal narratives. He begins by assuring his readers that Biden tells these tales solely in an “attempt to connect his life story with his audiences.” Biden simply has empathy overload. Then, Kessler examines the credibility gap in the following empathy stories:

The tale of the fire in his house


The tale of the Amtrak conductor


The tale of the gay men in suits kissing


The tale of his civil rights arrest


The tales of a heroic uncle and the family hospital

The sad thing is that regular WaPo readers, having read the article, almost certainly believe that they possess the perfect defense when some crazed conservative says that “Biden lies.” He’s not really a liar, they tell themselves and each other. He’s just empathetic to the point of deviating from the truth. That’s all. It’s the Republicans who are liars when they claim that Biden and his son willingly sold out America for a profit…all actual evidence be damned.

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