This is one of the stupidest articles I have ever seen on climate change

I thought when I read this headline that it would say that it was too hot and too dry for crops to grow. 

My husband has farmed for 4 decades. Climate change might end his run.

And I thought it was strange that after 160 years of using crude oil and an exponential increase in gas-powered farm equipment and 40 years of good farm results, one year would ruin the whole thing, and suddenly, farming wouldn't work.

But nope, the problem here is they got too much rain, and they didn't get sunny days when they were convenient to harvest, so the crop yield is down. 

But as we come to the end of the wettest July on record, "make hay while the sun shines" has been shifting from self-evident axiom to rueful irony. Yes, you have to make hay while you can. But also you need sunshine to make hay.

Here's how it works. It takes at least two sunny days to complete the cycle: mow, dry, rake, bale. Much of that time is waiting for the sun to do its work. (The hay must dry completely, because moisture can breed heat-producing bacteria deep inside a bale — which might then spontaneously combust and burn down a barn.) In theory, if Adam mowed a field on a Tuesday morning, he could expect to bale it late Wednesday afternoon.

I had no idea that humans and our use of natural resources could control the climate that extensively, but now I know, because the truthful and balanced WaPo printed this wonderfully informative piece.

Farming would be so much better with battery-operated combines, tractors, and trucks, and if farmers got exactly the right amount of rain and the correct number of sunny days.  Thank goodness we have elected Democrats and bureaucrats who can make sure that happens every year and in the correct months.  The temperature will be perfect.

Anyone who believes that getting rid of vehicles and machinery powered by oil and replacing them with those reliant on flammable batteries that can "spontaneously combust" will change the climate and control the amount of rain and sun a farm gets should go to a doctor to see if their brain has been removed. 

Anyone who believes that politicians and bureaucrats who can't define what a woman is, who can't control the border, can't tell the truth about COVID, who can't teach children to read and do math at grade level, and who lied continuously about Obamacare can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity should make sure they never have to debate a five-year-old. 

Maybe the husband should go learn to code instead of farming.  After all, that is what the brilliant Biden told coal miners they could do as he intentionally destroys their way of life.  What will the coders do when A.I. takes over?

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