The mugshot heard 'round the world: Eight truths that the mugshot reveals

There are eight absolutely true statements about Trump's indictment and arrest in Fulton County, Georgia.  I'll get to all of them in a minute, but I'll start with the most obvious: never take a mugshot photo of an innocent man with at least 75 million fans, a large percentage of whom are brave and have a great sense of humor.

Let's start with the mugshot itself and Trump's defiant reaction.  (By the way, people are saying, "Well, you did surrender," meaning Trump turned himself in.  That's literal to the point of stupidity.  Trump obviously means that we shouldn't surrender in the larger fight, and he fully understood that his defiant mugshot is a weapon in that larger fight.)

🔥 First truth: Race-obsessed Southern Democrat prosecutors have a long and deserved reputation for corruption:

Fani Willis is no exception.  However, she is the Icarus of the bunch, flying closer to the sun than any previous race-obsessed Southern Democrat prosecutor before her.  Her fall, when it comes, will be stupendous.

🔥 Second truth: Don't indict and book someone for being an election denier when there's indisputable evidence that you were prepared to deny the election on the exact same grounds:

🔥 Third truth: Those who already hate Trump will continue to hate Trump — and I don't mean leftists.  I mean those alleged "conservatives" who happily saw Biden enter the White House because they preferred a manifestly corrupt, radical Democrat to an admittedly eccentric man who was the most conservative president in modern American history.  These Vichy Republicans now celebrating Trump's arrest are the fifth columnists who made Biden happen.

🔥 Fourth truth: Willis's arrest of the lawyers who advised Trump about legal ways to challenge the election outcome is something that tyrants do.  Shakespeare foresaw and understood what happens when you attack lawyers.  People love quoting Shakespeare's famous line from Henry VI, Part 2: "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."  What few remember is that the speaker was a villain who sought, with others, to overthrow the rightful monarch.

When I attended law school, one of my classmates asked our criminal law professor why manifestly guilty people should even have lawyers.  I've never forgotten his answer: because everyone needs a knowledgeable friend at his side when standing against the almighty government, which has all the power and money in the world.  Trump was facing myriad governments, and his lawyers were doing what they were supposed to do: fight the power.

Jenna Ellis's mugshot shows that she gets it.  Bravo!

🔥 Fifth truth: When you've already destroyed the lives of hundreds of Americans for doing nothing more than walking through the Capitol after black-clad, still-unindicted men destroyed all evidence that doing so was trespassing, it's really a bad idea to give them a martyr king:

🔥 Sixth truth: When you create a martyr, people who haven't even been arrested will start lining up their mugshots, too:

🔥 Seventh truth: If you indict a former president and the lead opponent (by far) to the current White House occupant, you will discover that there is a deep well of people who firmly believe in Alinsky's fifth and sixth dicta: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.  There is no defense.  It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule.  Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage."  "A good tactic is one your people enjoy."  Between humor and imagery manipulation, this is playing out as a Trump victory, not a defeat:

There are many more like that.  It's to be hoped, though, that people who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law, rather than the misrule of corrupt partisan politics, don't think the fight ends on Twitter with cute or courageous memes.  That brings me to my eighth and last point.

🔥 Eighth truth: The mugshot and arrest mean Trump is garnering support from real people on the streets who don't live in the Twitterverse ("X-verse") but who have very strong feelings about how the legal system can be abused.

Blacks did well economically during the Trump presidency.  The Biden administration has destroyed their gains and set them back by decades, even as crime in their neighborhoods has soared thanks to Democrat race-hustlers.  No wonder blacks are cooling on Biden...and this arrest won't help.

John 8:32: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  The above are eight truths, and, with luck, not only will they free Trump and those who worked within the system to challenge a manifestly, provably corrupt election, but these truths may also free America from the intense corruption of the United States government and its state partisans.

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