Secretary Blinken is appalled at reports that a president jailed his political opponent

To mangle the tagline from Love Story, being a narcissist means never having to say you’re sorry. That’s not because of the mutual love flowing between the two parties in the relationship. It’s because a hallmark of narcissism is that you’re never wrong. No matter what happens, it’s only bad if the other guy does it. That’s why I can’t even pretend shock at the fact that Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, took to Twitter to announce that the Biden regime condemns Putin for convicting Aleksey Navalny, Putin’s political opponent.

Navalny has been a burr in Putin’s side for some time now. In 2011, after a contested election based on claims of election fraud (sound familiar?), the Putin regime jailed him for 15 days “for defying a government official.” Navalny instantly became a leading voice in opposing Putin. He’s been pushing back against Putin ever since—except that Putin has been pushing a whole lot harder.

The Putin administration responded to Navalny’s popularity, in true Lavrentiy Beria fashion, by trying him for every crime it could find to stick to him. He’s been charged with embezzlement, with the judge repeating the prosecution’s allegations almost verbatim when reading out his conviction. Next, he was arrested in connection with a business deal and eventually charged with money laundering. After that, he was accused of defrauding a political party. He was also designated as an extremist and charged once again with fraud.

Image by Andrea Widburg

If the above is sounding very familiar to you…well, it should. The only thing that Navalny has experienced that hasn’t yet been done in American fashion to Trump is the fact that Navalny was poisoned. I sincerely hope that Trump has a system for ensuring that his food is good before he puts it in his mouth.

Navalny has been in prison for years now on one of the early convictions, with every subsequent conviction adding more years to his prison sentence. Most recently, according to Wikipedia,

On 4 August 2023, Navalny was sentenced to an additional 19 years in prison on charges including publicly inciting extremist activity, financing extremist activity, and “rehabilitating Nazi ideology”; the Moscow City Court found him guilty on all charges in a closed-doors trial.

You’d have to be wearing very thick blinders not to find those charges familiar. After all, Trump was just charged for allegedly stating lies challenging Biden’s election. Free speech, a right even presidents have? Who needs it?! That’s extremist activity!

Trump’s finances have been investigated repeatedly to no avail, telling us that Trump is both the cleanest politician and property developer in America and, maybe, the world. He’s also been called a racist and Nazi so often the words have become meaningless. For the last two and half years, the attacks on Trump have come directly from the Biden administration.

Despite the Deep State’s and Biden administration’s conduct since 2016, Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, officially tweeted out that the Biden administration thinks it’s a very bad thing when a sitting president jails his political opponent:

Knowing narcissists as I do, I could have predicted the tweet. Remember: It’s always different when a narcissist does it. On X (the former Twitter), people had thoughts:

Frankly, so many people have had thoughts that I could keep doing this for hours. However, before you get too excited about these Americans’ awareness of what’s really going on, keep in mind that Biden’s supporters are also imbued with the “it’s different when we do it” mindset. You see, unlike Navalny, who is clearly the victim of a corrupt president and his minions, all of whom are making up charges to destroy an opponent’s civil rights and to keep the people from having a real choice, it’s different with Trump. To the left’s useful idiots, Trump really is a Nazi—and according to a Democrat representative, his supporters need to be imprisoned, too:

It’s fun to laugh at Blinken’s blatant hypocrisy but remember that these people play for keeps. And if you forget that, just take another look at the poor wretches who have already spent two and a half years in the D.C. gulag, without bail, charges, or trial, for events on January 6, 2021, a day that is beginning to look very much like an entrapment setup.

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