Media pundit blames widespread rejection of Bidenomics on Americans' unwillingness to accept candidates who aren't 'warm and fuzzy'

Most journalists seem to believe that their job is to promote Joe Biden's policies, instead of relaying the facts.  In a recent segment on CNN, Jake Tapper and guest Ayesha Rascoe could not, for the life of them, understand why the public is not as enamored with Joe Biden's economic policies as they were.  For years, the media have told us how compassionate and empathetic Biden is, so what could it be?  Well, Rascoe thinks she figured it out, and the problem isn't that he's extremely corrupt and incompetent; it's that people just don't feel warm and fuzzy about him.  Per Rascoe, via RedState:

'I think it's hard, because Biden is not that type of candidate, that gets people all worked up, in their hearts, to feel very warm and fuzzy about him.'

For years we have been told how compassionate and empathetic Biden is, but of course, that's not true — he was just excoriated for his "no comment" response to the tragedy and climbing death toll of the Maui fires.

Maybe the American people who live in reality look at actual facts, their empty pocketbooks, and the manufactured cost-of-living crisis, and make decisions based on that.  Here is a sample list of things the media could focus on:

Many of the 13 million jobs that Biden "created" aren't real jobs; they are taxpayer-subsidized jobs.  From New York Post:

Biden portrays the $50 billion in subsidies for semiconductors via the CHIPS Act as another magic wand for the US economy.

People are running up credit card debt because they can't keep up with inflation.  CNBC reported:

Total credit card indebtedness rose by $45 billion in the April-through-June period, an increase of more than 4%. That took the total amount owed to $1.03 trillion, the highest gross value in Fed data going back to 2003.

The increase in the category was the most notable area as total household debt edged higher by about $16 billion to $17.06 trillion, also a fresh record.

People are also yanking retirement money out at a fast rate.  From CNN:

More Americans are tapping their 401(k) accounts because of financial distress, according to Bank of America data released Tuesday.

The number of people who made a hardship withdrawal during the second quarter surged from the first three months of the year to 15,950, an increase of 36% from the second quarter of 2022[.]

Moody's warns that "asset risk is rising" and bank stocks are declining:

US bank stocks declined after Moody's Investors Service lowered its ratings for 10 small and midsize lenders and said it may downgrade major firms[.]

Nearly 40% of families don't have enough savings to afford a $400 emergency:

According to the Fed's 2022 Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households survey released Monday, some 37% of Americans lack enough money to cover a $400 emergency expense, up from 32% in 2021.

We are told that inflation is going down, so why are they ratcheting up food subsidies so rapidly?

For 2023, the average family of four living in the 48 contiguous states and DC., will see their maximum allotment rise to $939 from $835 in the prior year. This is a 12% YoY adjustment.

The Fed can't control inflation with interest rates when the cause of inflation is the money supply.

Worse still, the government simultaneously destroys companies that produce reasonably priced energy — but a reporter at NBC somehow believes that the current inflation isn't that bad.  Well...maybe for her, it isn't!  According to Katy Tur, via Breitbart:

'It's still expensive at the grocery store, it still can be expensive, at times, for fuel, it's kind of fluctuating. But the idea out there is that things are bad, how do you combat that idea when everything does seem to be going in the right direction, yet, people still don't feel like it's going in the right direction?'

Biden has bragged that his policies reduced the deficit by $1.7 trillion, which was always a lie.  Now that the deficit is exploding again, where are the media?

The inflation reduction act was also a lie.  The goal was never to reduce inflation, but rather have a slush fund for green pushers.  From Bloomberg:

The uncapped incentives of the Inflation Reduction Act mean spending sparked by the historic US climate law could triple initial estimates and push past $1 trillion.

Obamacare was also built on a lie that prices would diminish and the spending program would pay for itself.  Prices skyrocketed because the government dictatorially abolished freedom of choice.

Last year Biden bragged that he secured a big increase in social security benefits.  That is a lie.  The only thing he had to do with the increase is that his spending caused inflation.

Next year, the estimated increase will be a whopping 3%, or an average of $54 per month, and Medicare Part B will be $10 more.  What will seniors do with all that extra money?

Biden brags that the job market is so good and that Americans' income is up so much, so why does he continually try to make others pay off college graduates' debts?

Maybe these are the reasons Bidenomics sucks!  Most people posing as journalists are essentially unpaid Democrat campaign workers, which makes them worthless and dangerous to our freedom and survival as a great, prosperous country.

Image: Gage SkidmoreCC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr, unaltered.

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