GOP Debate: Nobody held a candle to Trump

I watched the first GOP presidential debate Wednesday, moderated by Fox News.

What was my first thought?

That all Republicans should first stop giving in to the media and other Democrats by calling limits on abortion a "ban" on abortion. Six-, 13-, 15-, or 20-week limits on abortions are not bans any more than moving pornographic books out of children’s sections in libraries is a "ban."

It appears that many people are giving Nikki Haley high marks for the debate because she appeared moderate and reasonable and willing to work with Democrats.

Personally, I thought her comments on abortion were some of the most pathetic I have ever seen. She said that even though the public overwhelmingly agrees with limits on abortion to the first trimester that Republicans shouldn’t push that because they can’t get Democrat votes to support it. Essentially, she said the Republicans should cave to radical Democrats who want abortion on demand. She seems to believe that everything should be based on consensus.

Under Haley’s thought process Republicans:

Should never seek to pass the Born Alive Act to protect fully viable newborns because they can’t get enough Democrat votes.

Shouldn’t try to cut spending in many departments because they can’t get Democrats votes.

Should not try to help poor children, especially minority children, get freedom of choice for schools because Democrats won’t go along.

Shouldn’t try to block men from playing sports against women and showering with girls because Democrats won’t support that.

Shouldn’t try to build a border wall or stop illegal immigration because not enough Democrats care.

Shouldn’t try to drill or block the radical green legislation because that is what the consensus is.

Should not try to give people freedom of choice on what type of health insurance to buy because Democrats think it is their job to dictate what Americans must buy.

Trump would never have tried to pass his great tax rate cut bills for all Americans if he had the mindset of Haley that he needed to cater to leftists.

Basically, a politician who says that Republicans shouldn’t try to pass something because they currently don’t have the votes is not a moderate, they are a squish who will cave to radical leftists and their extreme talking points.

Chris Christie went heavy on hypocrisy as he tried to pass himself off as advocate of rule of law.

He said that Trump doesn’t care about the Constitution and should never be president again:

But he had a few double standards:

Somehow, he didn’t say a word about all the times Democrats have challenged elections and electors and never been charged.

He didn’t mention that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden had illegally taken and mishandled classified documents and never been charged.

He didn’t say how Biden and Obama unconstitutionally implemented DACA.

He didn’t say that Biden unconstitutionally is forgiving student debt without going through Congress.

He didn’t say that Biden and politicians in sanctuary cities and states were failing to abide by their oaths to faithfully execute laws by refusing to enforce immigration laws Congress passed.

It appears that Christie’s sole purpose in running is to destroy Trump instead of focusing on the dangers of leftists to our survival as a great country. 

Vivek Ramaswamy said as much, calling him out on it.

I thought Vivek gave the only correct response on climate change caused by humans when he said it was a hoax. It was also good when he showed he believed in science when he correctly said there are two genders. When a parent or a doctor looks at a sonogram, they don’t say which of fifty genders is the baby? They say is it a boy or a girl?

Mike Pence gave Trump a great political ad when he bragged how proud he was of his accomplishments in implementing Trump’s policies as vice president.

I thought the winner of the first debate was clearly Trump. By avoiding the debate, he let the public see eight other candidates and none shined, while Trump gave America energy independence, prosperity, and peace. He was lifting all boats despite the media's and other Democrats constant efforts to destroy him with lies and endless investigations.

Make no mistake, if the media, neverTrumpers, and other Democrats are able to dispose of or convict Trump they will set out to destroy any other political opponent that gets in the way of their radical leftist agenda.

The media recommends that Republicans support squishes like Asa Hutchinson or Chris Christie but in a general election they will support whichever Democrat is running, no matter how corrupt or incompetent they are.

Results, and the truth, haven’t mattered for a long time.

Screen shot from Fox News video, via YouTube

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