Former U.S. Sen. Scott Brown had to threaten Biden, who was groping Brown’s wife

Currently, Joe Biden’s creepy, handsy, sniffing behavior is limited to the little children who get too close to him. And this conduct is newsworthy because it’s disgusting, especially when the head of the American state engages in it. However, it’s worth remembering that Biden has been credibly accused of sexual assault and has a decades-long reputation for grabbing grown women. Now, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has reminded us that he once had to threaten to “kick the s***” out of Biden when the latter groped Brown’s wife.

The MeToo movement was an effort to destroy Trump. It failed and, indeed, backfired. It turned out that a whole lot of leftist men, the kind who endlessly touted their support for women’s rights and modern feminism, used that loud support as a cover for dirty deeds.

Joe Biden ought to have been swept up in and destroyed by the MeToo movement. After all, for decades, his very public targets have been women and children.

However, as Obama’s one-time vice president, he was untouchable when the MeToo movement appeared. By 2020, when Tara Reade’s made her highly credible claims about him sexually assaulting her (claims that had contemporaneous support from a phone call her mother made to Larry King), she was attacked, and an effort was made to destroy her. MeToo’s mantra of “believe all women” did not extend to a challenge to the Democrat presidential candidate.

Image: Joe Biden and a little girl (edited). YouTube screen grab.

Still, like green slime oozing from a corroded barrel labeled “poison,” information about Biden’s repeated sexual harassment, some of it shading into out-and-out criminal assault, won’t go away. The latest evidence that Biden is a sexual predator comes from Scott Brown, the one-time Senator from Massachusetts and a former United States Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa.

In a podcast interview with Tom Shattuck, Brown admitted that then-Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t keep his hands off of Brown’s wife—and this took place at the same venue in which Biden compulsively pawed all those little girls, namely, a Senate swearing-in ceremony:

SHATTUCK: I might be imagining this, but did you…when you were on the Herald radio with us for probably seven years ago, when you got sworn in as senator was he like hair sniffing Gail or handy with Gail? Or did I imagine her?

BROWN: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I told him I’d kick the s*** out of him. I told him to stop, so yes.

Our sitting president is a pervert. If he’d been anyone but a Democrat United States Senator, the Vice President or, now, the President, he would have gotten the fecal matter beaten out of him decades ago. And I’m betting Tara Reade isn’t the only case that saw him go from creepy to criminal. One doesn’t have to digitally rape a woman to have committed criminal sexual assault. Grabbing her breasts or goosing her is enough.

Biden is what Biden is, of course. The really disgusting thing is that the Democrat establishment, whether political officials, Deep Staters, consultants, or media outlets, have been protecting this loathsome excuse for a human being for so long. Moreover, given his predilections, I can never escape the suspicion that our geopolitical enemies may have footage of him doing things much worse than what’s caught by CSPAN and the friendly media.

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