Eric Swalwell has a moment (in a public bathroom?) to film a video about Jacksonville shooting

I was under the impression that the D.C. aristocrats had public relations firms and spin doctors at their disposal, but Eric Swalwell’s latest video from what appears to be a bathroom has me questioning what I thought I knew.

This past weekend’s shooting in Jacksonville checks all the boxes (at least according to what the media is telling us so far) for a Democrat anti-gun platform pitch, so of course, while emotions are still high, that’s exactly what Swalwell did; watch below:

I mean, I know this man has no shame. He paused his monologue to fart on live television in what we all know as FartGate; when asked if he had sex with a suspected Chinese Communist Party spy, his handlers pulled the “classified” information card; and he uses Hollywood film scores as background music for his politicking videos of feigned outrage.

I came across this video on X, and as I listened to it, I thought, “Wow that music sure sounds like something you’d hear in a film noir… bad choice.” I’m not a movie buff so it was merely a speculative thought, but then I tracked it down on another social media platform, and lo and behold, the music comes from a gritty Batman drama! Swalwell slapped some Hans Zimmer Batman music over his “pissed off” selfie video stumping for his political agenda, thereby literally turning it into a theatrical performance. How can he watch that video and take himself seriously? Embarrassing!

Then, get this, Swalwell says:

We must choose our kids, our children, the most precious people in our community, we must choose them, over their killers, it’s very binary, either you choose them, or you don’t.

Also, from Swalwell’s website:

And every woman deserves access to reproductive health services and the ability to make her own decisions about her health, so I am fighting for women's rights and will stand up against any legislation that would prevent a woman from making her own healthcare decisions.

Oh, you’re saying we should choose children, “the most precious people” in our society, over their killers? Well, looks like abortion’s out then! Sadly, the irony is lost on him.

Life and death is binary (like a lot of other things, most obviously biological sex) and there’s no middle ground like “a woman’s right to choose” or “reproductive healthcare.” You’re either on the side of the children, or you’re on the side of killers.

Lastly, the background looks like he’s in a bathroom… a communal bathroom…. Why exactly is he lurking in there filming selfie videos? Doesn’t a desk, an office, outside at a park, in his car, or basically anywhere else except a toilet seem more appropriate? I could make a joke about why a creepy guy like Swalwell might find himself loitering in public facilities with the promise of anonymity behind thin partitions, but I won’t.

Okay, so maybe he can’t afford to hire a PR firm, but surely Swalwell has gatekeepers, right? Maybe one of those staff members could transition to gate-keep Swalwell from social media, clearly that’s in his best interest.

Image from X.

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