Dylan Mulvaney is perfect for a starring role in Broadway’s ‘Cabaret’ revival

Dylan Mulvaney is a very clever man. Riding the “transgender” wave, and with undoubted charm, he’s managed to go from being a somewhat talented, effeminate man struggling to make it in the theater to being a “STAR!!!” Now, that newly acquired stardom may see him getting a lead role in an upcoming Broadway revival of Cabaret. But he won’t be getting the Joel Grey role. That’s already going to Eddy Redmayne. Instead, envision Mulvaney as Liza Minelli. And believe it or not, he is perfect for the part.

This is what passes for hot gossip in the New York theater world. The New York Post broke the story:

Page Six has exclusively learned that the much-discussed actress-turned-influencer — who has gained 10.6 million followers on TikTok documenting her journey as a transgender woman — was invited to audition for the upcoming Broadway revival of “Cabaret.”

The show, which won seven Olivier Awards in London, is coming to the Great White Way with Eddie Redmayne expected to take the male lead.

And we’re told that while the cast for the Spring opening at the August Wilson Theater is already in place, producers have auditioned Mulvaney to take over the female lead British cabaret performer Sally Bowles if the show has a long run in New York.

First, let me say that the New York Post disgusts me when it refers to an anorexic little man as “she.” But to get to the more important point, let’s talk about how cleverly Mulvaney has leveraged a small talent into a big career.

Image: Dylan Mulvaney before he hit the big time. YouTube screen grab.

Before today, Mulvaney did little regional theater roles. He was a member of the chorus (“Elder White”) in a production of The Book of Mormon, and had other roles, presumably in the chorus, in various local productions of shows such as Legally Blonde and Bye Bye Birdie. He sings better than most people and quite badly for anyone making a career in musicals.

Then, Mulvaney had a brilliant idea: Announce that he’s a “girl” (not a woman, but a girl) and go on TikTok. And because he is charming in an elfish way and because he captured the leftist zeitgeist, suddenly he was a star. Mulvaney may have destroyed Bud Light practically singlehandedly, but the left loves him, and it will support him forever.

That’s why he’s being asked to audition for the female lead in Cabaret. We are being reminded that Dylan Mulvaney is a woman…er, a girl, and that his marginal talent is real and powerful. But there’s a lesson here that his supporters are missing.

Liza Minelli was actually miscast when she played Sally Bowles in Cabaret. That was because, at least in that movie, her talent was real. She was brilliant and powerful.

However, in Christopher Isherwood’s original Goodbye to Berlin, as well as the original Broadway play and musical made from his novel, Sally Bowles was talentless. She was a failed British performer who ended up in a seedy German cabaret as the Nazis were coming to power. Her awfulness was emblematic of Germany’s social and economic collapse, and its consequential debauchery, and the seemingly inevitable way Germans turned to a demented strongman who promised to rescue them.

Looked at from the correct perspective, Dylan Mulvaney is perfect for Sally Bowles. He lacks talent, and he is the avatar of America’s decline. Let’s just hope he’s not also the harbinger of a Democrat strongman (or woman) who promises to “rescue” us from the fall that Democrats themselves have engineered.

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