CNN’s claim that Trump’s team hacked Georgia voting systems is belied by its facts

Fani Willis, the Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney, is seemingly intent upon being the next Alvin Bragg, as she busily puts together an indictment based on questionable facts, currently mysterious legal theories, and, most importantly, leaks to the media. It’s the last that concerns us today because CNN is very excited: On January 7, the outlet strongly imply, Donald Trump’s team, everyone from Rudy Guiliani to Sidney Powell, hacked into, or oversaw someone else hacking into, the Coffee County election software. Except that, according to CNN itself, that’s not what happened.

The story has a scream headline: “Exclusive: Georgia prosecutors have messages showing Trump’s team is behind voting system breach.” It’s followed by an equally powerful opening paragraph that makes it clear that, when it comes to Trump, Atlanta’s hard-left political machine is going to bring him down:

Atlanta-area prosecutors investigating efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia are in possession of text messages and emails directly connecting members of Donald Trump’s legal team to the early January 2021 voting system breach in Coffee County, sources tell CNN.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to seek charges against more than a dozen individuals when her team presents its case before a grand jury next week. Several individuals involved in the voting systems breach in Coffee County are among those who may face charges in the sprawling criminal probe.

Investigators in the Georgia criminal probe have long suspected the breach was not an organic effort sprung from sympathetic Trump supporters in rural and heavily Republican Coffee County – a county Trump won by nearly 70% of the vote. They have gathered evidence indicating it was a top-down push by Trump’s team to access sensitive voting software, according to people familiar with the situation.

Trump allies attempted to access voting systems after the 2020 election as part of the broader push to produce evidence that could back up the former president’s baseless claims of widespread fraud.

Image: CNN homepage image, edited.

Don’t you love the endless CNN editorializing? It’s not “the former president’s claims of widespread fraud” (claims, incidentally, that are borne out by evidence that’s been exposed since November 2020). Instead, CNN insists, it’s “baseless” claims. Reading just that one word, I can help but think of a popular meme:

Whatever you do, don’t think for yourselves. Accept our narrative…

But about that narrative. If you dig deep into the CNN article, you find something interesting buried well over halfway down, long after most readers have lost interest (assuming they even read past the headline):

Six days before pro-Trump operatives gained unauthorized access to voting systems, the local elections official who allegedly helped facilitate the breach sent a “written invitation” to attorneys working for Trump, according to text messages obtained by CNN.

Investigators have scrutinized the actions of various individuals who were involved, including Misty Hampton, a former Coffee County elections official who authored the letter of invitation referenced in text messages and other documents that have been turned over to prosecutors, multiple sources told CNN.

In other words, if there was a hack, according to CNN’s own reporting on the known facts, there’s no evidence that Trump people either did it or authorized it. Instead, an election official, aware of their concerns, invited them to examine the system.

That’s it, at least insofar as CNN knows, thanks to its exclusive access. I have no idea whether there was some sort of unauthorized hacking into Coffee County’s system or whether the system was corrupted at the time of the election. All I know is that CNN’s headline is greatly at variance with CNN’s facts.

Never forget that we no longer have a media of the type our Founders envisioned, one that would keep the government honest by reporting its actions to the American people. Instead, our media is an endless propaganda machine that exists solely to advance the interests of the Democrat party. A word to the wise: Consume the media’s product with the same care that you’d apply to a piece of fish that’s bristling with bones. Yes, there’s meat there, but you’re very likely to choke to death on it if you’re not careful.

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