Biden wants to suck from the sky an essential ingredient for food

One of the things that’s important for sane people to keep in mind is that the war on climate change is a war on food. It’s obvious when Ireland, Holland, and Oregon come for the cows that provide dairy and meat for people. It’s also obvious when the sinister World Economic Forum keeps insisting that we learn to enjoy bugs (while they enjoy filet mignon, of course). There are other ways to attack food, though. One such way is to give the government control over CO2 in the atmosphere, which is what could happen thanks to the Biden administration’s plan to fund a project that will vacuum that life-giving chemical compound from the atmosphere. reports on the left’s latest plan to interfere with food production:

The Biden administration is throwing its weight behind technology that sucks planet-warming carbon dioxide out of the air, selecting the first winners of a $3.5 billion fund dedicated to developing the machines scientists say will be needed to stop the worst effects of climate change.

Projects proposed by a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp. for Kleberg County, Texas, and by Climeworks AG, Battelle Memorial Institute and Heirloom Carbon Technologies, Inc. for Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, were selected for the first tranche of funding, up to $1.2 billion, the Energy Department said.

The technology is “essentially a giant vacuum that can suck decades of old carbon pollution straight out of the sky,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told reporters. “If we deploy this at scale, this technology can help us make serious headway toward our net-zero emission goals.”

Once operational, the hubs are expected to remove more than 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year from the atmosphere, the equivalent of taking nearly half a million gas-powered cars off the road, Granholm said. Additional projects are expected to be announced next year, the Energy Department said.

Maybe it’ll work; maybe it won’t. But never forget that carbon dioxide is essential to plant life—and plant life is essential to everything else. Without CO2, the world is reduced to a barren rock.

Image made using vacuum cleaner (edited) from Freepik.

Of course, even the crazy leftists don’t want that outcome. Instead, they imagine the world returned to an exquisite pre-modern state that is a new Eden. They don’t care that the pre-modern pastoral world was a world of perpetual famine. The rich never had to deal with that problem. Famine was a problem for the masses—and as I’ve argued annually, those in power care only when the problems reach into their own homes.  

Right now, the government is painting the project as one to clean out pollution. But once a government gets its hands on a powerful technology, the sky’s the limit on what it can do to control the population, whether to render it helpless or erase it from the earth.

Considering that much of the climate change movement is now focused on cleaning up earth’s worst parasite—i.e., mankind—to leave that pastoral world for the saved few, I find it worrisome that our money is being used for a technology that allows the government to control something absolute fundamental for food creation. After all, we’ve already seen in Ireland, Holland, and Oregon what they’re willing to do.

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