AP asks what's the first word that comes to mind when one hears 'Joe Biden'

For an administration that's solely focused on "optics," it's pretty wretched stuff that the first words that came to mind when "Joe Biden" was said to a group of polling respondents were "outdated," "senile," and "dementia."

That's what the Associated Press found in its August survey, meaning the public has seen a bit more of Joe Biden than maybe his handlers would like.

While the Bidenites may now blame Fox News coverage for that impression, there's plenty of reason to think the public knows what it's seen with its own eyes.

Take the instance of Biden's trip to Maui just last week.  First, Biden had a more important vacation in Lake Tahoe to tend to before deigning to make a side trip to the fire-ravaged island to emote.

Once he got there, he blathered on about a kitchen fire.  He complained about almost losing his Corvette.  He fell asleep when victims stood up to tell their stories.

This comes after his famous stumbles, his gibberish gaffes, his "bathroom incidents" abroad, and his creepy handsiness with young girls, coming off as a pervy grandpa.

What else could anyone conclude but that the guy was senile?

This fact and reality is something the Biden team has gone to great ends to try to conceal, by generally keeping Biden out of the public eye.  But the public has already seen what it's seen.

The poll is generally negative in the directions we expect it to be, in questions such as the direction of the country and the Biden presidential job performance, which shows ratings in the toilet.  And to be fair, it's also fairly negative on President Trump, with the largest group of respondents seeing him as "a crook," which is profoundly unfair, likely the product of media-swamp collusion.

But the strongest response, the response most likely signaling a consensus among Republicans and Democrats alike, is that Joe Biden is senile, and not just senile, but a confused boob besides, with fully 41% of those responding coming to one or the other of those conclusions.

Yet amazingly, Biden is hanging on, convinced he's got the election in the bag, so no need to be concerned about public perceptions of a leader over the hill.

He's so obsessed with "optics."  Yet the most important optic out there — whether he is of sound mind and fit for the presidency — is coming up negative.  People don't get these things into their heads out of the blue.  They indicate to Biden's handlers that try as they might to conceal Biden's infirmities, they aren't fooling the public.

Image: Screen shot from Sky News Australia via YouTube.

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