A horrific story from Mexico tells you what Biden is bringing to America

Since the day he came into office, Biden has opened America’s southern border, an illegal act that should see him not only impeached but indicted and imprisoned. But that’s not the world in which we live. We live in a world in which millions of illegal aliens stream into America, a substantial number of whom are Mexican cartel foot soldiers. That’s why you should know about the horrible deaths that five childhood friends suffered at the hands of the cartel in Jalisco, Mexico.

Between the third-world-style indictments against Trump and the trickle of information about Biden’s epic, anti-American corruption, we’re not hearing a lot about what’s happening along our southern border. However, even though the border is headline news, whether under the MSM’s slobbery version of pathetic third-worlders in crisis or the actual story of a nation that’s being invaded, the border continues to be an issue.

Image: The Jalisco cartel’s victims. Public domain.

To its credit, the Daily Caller recently reminded its readers that illegal aliens are still pouring into America, with the Biden administration’s complicity:

With illegal crossings at the U.S. southern border spiking again, our Department of Defense has apparently decided that now is the appropriate time to remove troops from the border.

The Pentagon announced earlier this month that it is removing 1,100 active-duty troops from the southern border after they were deployed in May following the termination of Title 42. While the initial mission was supposed to be for only 90 days, the timing of the withdrawal is peculiar given the surge of illegal aliens the U.S. experienced in July.

The number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border skyrocketed by more than 30 percent last month, even as temperatures in the Texas and Arizona border sectors soared to record highs. This surge came even as the Biden Administration has made it easier for aliens to fast track themselves into the country through the CBP One app, which had the effect of artificially lowering illegal crossings in previous months.

Not unnaturally, in addition to controlling much of the illegal flow, the cartels are also sending their foot soldiers into America:

For most Americans, “cartel” sounds sort of business-like. It doesn’t have the same resonance (yet) as “Gestapo” or “KGB.” It should. This report from Jalisco, Mexico, tells you who the Biden administration is letting into our country (serious content warning):

Horrific images captured the final moments of five young friends murdered by a Mexican cartel - including one man forced to behead his childhood friend before he was himself killed.

Video footage released by the cartel members Tuesday shows childhood friends Roberto Olmeda, 20; Diego Lara, 20; Uriel Galván, 19; Dante Cedillo, 22; and Jaime Martínez, 21, kneeling next to each other in order.

The victims all have their faces bruised with tape over their mouths and their hands tied behind their backs. It is unclear what, if anything, they had done to get on the wrong side of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

Appalling video broadcast on Mexican national TV showed the beheading, which is too graphic and disturbing to reproduce.

A brick wall behind the five young men has the logo of the cartel’s enforcement unit’s painted over it.

The young men thought that they were going for a job interview and were killed because they refused to become cartel hitmen. It’s easy to imagine that the next group of young men told to become hitmen will realize that they’ve just been made an offer they can’t refuse.

Biden deliberately opened the American border. This is what is coming soon to an American city or town near you.  

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